The modern bathroom presents itself simply but very elegantly – the minimalist trend particularly shapes the designs of Italian manufacturers. The clear design language of the bathroom furniture is complemented by a bathroom ceramic set with simple lines, matt surface, and subtle pastel color. The collection of the renowned brand GSI with the name “Color Elements” reinterprets the relationship between man and nature. The talented designers presented six designs in neutral colors that relax the eyes while creating a visual connection between inside and outside.

The Italian bathroom ceramics set creates a feel-good ambiance

The Italian manufacturer GSI recently launched a new collection on the market – six countertop basins, wall-mounted bidets, and toilets complete the product range. The designs are inspired by nature and inspire with simple lines, soft curves and rounded edges. With their matted surface and neutral color palette, the models turn out to be silent beauties that automatically attract attention.

The individual elements embody modern Italian aesthetics, which give each room its character and turn every bathroom into an oasis of well-being. The three distinctive shapes – a rectangular and two oval, as well as the four different sizes, allow for certain design freedom – so everyone can find the appropriate according to their own spatial conditions. In addition, the washbasins can be combined with each other, so that they can offer a solution for both the small apartment, as well as for the family house.

Also in the area of hygiene and care scores the Italian bathroom ceramics. Typical for the renowned manufacturer is the combination of timeless style and functionality. The washbasins are specially equipped with the special durable and durable Extra glaze – enamel. It effectively prevents the deposition of dirt and lime. The bathroom ceramics are sealed with a matte top layer – this can be easily cleaned and effectively prevents the formation of germs.

Thanks to the timelessly elegant design language, the Badkeramik set blends into minimalist designs. But she also cuts a fine figure in retro baths and gives the interior the final touches. The modern country house style forms the perfect background for the white essay basin. Even the austere look of the industrial interior can be lightened by the GSI collection. Together with bathroom fittings made of brass, the washbasins are charming ensembles.

Bathroom Ceramics Set – Overview of the different color variants

The color “Agave” is a mixture of dark green and gray. It gives the bathroom design an exotic touch – together with the black washbasin, the simple vanity unit made of light oak and brass fittings, it can be effectively staged in the bathroom. The dark wood-effect tiles soften the look of mahogany and turn the bathroom into a tropical island. The natural colors and the appropriate lighting relax the eyes and have a calming effect.

The clay color adds a homely touch to the bathroom concept. The warm light shade stands in a delightful contrast to the dark vanity and is therefore even better. The bidet and toilet set accents in the bathroom in exposed concrete look. Unlike bathroom ceramics from other manufacturers, whose products reflect the light (and therefore the high gloss), the designs of GSI Ceramica “swallow” the sun’s rays and delight with a matted surface.

The white sinks and toilets are considered absolute classics – and match any bathroom. With their rounded edges, the designs harmonize particularly well with bathroom designs in a modern country style – together with a guard table made of untreated wood and terracotta tiles, they round off the sparing Mediterranean décor. The bathroom fittings made of brass in antique look set subtle accents. Incidentally, the color and shapes were inspired by the chicken egg.

You probably know the color dove blue – the Italian manufacturer has decided but for dove gray. It was additionally mixed with pink so that a slight warm nuance was created. The countertops, bidets, and WCs in dove gray are therefore proving to be real all-rounders and are quickly becoming the highlight, both in the modern and in the neutral bathroom.

The ice-blue bathroom ceramics, inspired by the color “ice”, look classy and elegant along with marble washbasins. Perfect for small bathrooms, where light nuances visually increase the space. The minimalist look of the bathroom fittings made of stainless steel fits perfectly with the concept of simple elegance.

The last color is called “Bistro” and was inspired by soot – people used to use it as a pigment. The attractive dark shade harmonizes perfectly with a natural stone washbasin. Even in modern, industrial-style bathrooms, the bistro bathroom ceramics add a fresh touch. The freestanding non-contact stainless steel fittings together with the washbasin form a stylish set.

Manufacturer: GSICeramica


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