A relaxed atmosphere with a wellness feeling, a stylishly furnished room, and subtle lighting – the dream bathroom can be described as a retreat. But in small rooms it often looks quite different – there simply is no free space for bath towels and co. The toothbrush and soap are somehow always hard to find, and the shampoo bottles serve as decoration on the wall shelves. We give you useful tips and tricks to help you create more storage space in the bathroom. The organization of the available living space comes first.

Create more storage space in the bathroom: the right organization method

The minimalist trend says “less is more” – so many people think that saving the bare minimum of things at home also saves space. Actually, that’s not true – so that the bathroom looks really neat, the organizational system plays a crucial role. The first step is tidying up – empty the cabinets and throw out anything that you do not need or will not use in the near future. Now think about the daily routine – when to brush your teeth, when to shower, etc. Make a list of all available cabinets, drawers, and shelves in the bathroom. We take a close look at the individual storage space elements and help you with the organization.

Storage space in the bathroom – shelf system instead of cabinet

With a shelving system under the sink, you ensure that you always have quick access to cosmetics and accessories. The experts recommend that you arrange smaller items such as perfume bottles and deodorant on a wooden tray – so you can clean the shelves faster. Buy several baskets of the same size for towels and toilet paper. Store the makeup in a cosmetic bag with a nice print. The advantage: make-up and hairbrush are always easy to find. The downside: leaking bottles can damage the shelves/cosmetics bag.

Damm room in the bathroom: wall shelves and mirror cabinets

On open wall shelves and in mirror cabinets, you should keep only products/medicines/accessories that you really need daily – for example, the toothbrush, make-er Eraser, soap, towel, etc. So that the shelves look really stylish, you can shampoo and co. Arrange in glass bottles and color match. Some medicines are really sensitive and can not defy heat or moisture – they should not be stored in the bath. The advantage of open wall shelves – they allow a clear order. The downside – they need to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.

More storage space in the bathroom – rattan baskets

Rattan baskets prove to be real all-around talents – in the kitchen under the cooking island they keep things organized, in the children’s room, you can store the toys. Even in the bathroom, they come more often used. They fit in harmoniously, especially in bathrooms with wooden cabinets, and add the finishing touches to rustic or vintage style designs. Usually, the bath towels are stored in it. The advantage – they are not only practical but visually enhance the interior. The downside – water can damage hand-woven rattan baskets.

Create storage space – high shelves make the bathroom look more spacious

High wall cupboards and wall shelves make the small and, above all, narrow bathroom look more spacious. Another trick – overcrowded shelves seem messy – so always leave some space. Buy bath towels and accessories in bright neutral colors, together with white bathroom furniture, they create a homely overall picture. At the bottom, arrange the accessories you need once a week, arrange the things you need in the evening in the middle, and at the top, at eye level, you’ll find the cosmetics you need in the morning.

Create storage space in the bathroom – creative space-saving ideas

Space is limited in most bathrooms – but that does not mean that you have to forego the bath in favor of the closet. Instead, let your creativity run wild and take advantage of every little free niche. Even the towel rail can offer more storage space than thought. Suspended storage, wall-mounted shelves, multi-level hanging baskets create space. The advantage – everything necessary is within reach. The downside: good planning is crucial to the bottom line.

The storage space in the bathroom as an accent

Installation tables prove to be the extremely functional addition to the interior – in the small bathroom they serve as a storage for shampoo, shaving cream, and perfumes. The integrated indirect lighting makes the beautiful glass bottles more effective and turns the niche into a real eye-catcher.

Design a small bathroom – concentrate on the essentials

Especially families with children are faced with a great challenge when it comes to space-saving bathroom design. Often they invest in bathroom furniture that is just too big for the available space. Focus on the essentials and opt for multifunctional furniture instead. This allows the bench to offer storage space without simultaneously leaving the bathroom overflowing.

Arrangement systems for larger bathrooms

In the spacious bathrooms, there is enough free space for the bathroom furniture – but that is no guarantee for order. Here it is worthwhile to invest in equipment for the drawers so that the available space is used optimally. Transparent boxes with compartments facilitate the organization of small objects – eg lipstick, mascara and comb.

So that the own bath becomes an oasis of well-being, it should be more spacious. The right storage space ensures order – mirrored cabinets contain pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, wall shelving systems provide enough space for towels, shampoos, and perfumes, the rattan baskets score not only with functionality but also with a natural look. Installation tables can be stylishly staged with indirect lighting and multifunctional furniture proves to be real all-around talent. There is a wide range of products available on the market – to get the right combination for the bathroom, a sketch should first be made. Focus only on the essentials of furniture and accessories.


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