After reviewing the fresh ideas for living room design and the most fashionable wallpaper designs for the coming year, we are continuing our series of home decor discoveries for the coming months, this time with the subject of modern kitchen trend 2019.

Let’s explore together what this year holds for us in terms of decoration and makeover for this space of the house!

For us, at Designmag, the months of December and January are especially a period of discovery of trends in decoration, design, and fashion. And, in terms of discovery and decoration, it is impossible to miss one of the central rooms of the house: the kitchen.

Discover the trend of modern kitchen 2019!

For decades, the kitchen has been much more than a meal preparation area for the family. This room occupies an increasingly central place in our modern lifestyle. And this becomes even more evident with culinary movements in recent years.

Indeed, more and more of us want to find a healthy diet and good for the body and for health. And, as we know, this necessarily means a little more time spent in the kitchen. Whether you’re a fan of a gluten-free diet, vegan or vegetarian meals, traditional cuisine or paleo dishes, eating well and balanced is, above all, preparing food yourself. Hence the importance of cooking in our homes!

For this very reason, modern kitchens are much more than meal preparation spaces. They are often open on another part of the house, such as a dining room, a dining area or a living room. Thus, we have much more room and we can share more time with his partner, with his children or with friends. We all know that in the past, the kitchen was a space apart, sometimes even hidden looks. Today, the situation is quite the opposite. Hence the importance of the layout and decoration of this part of our homes!

If you have a home improvement project or makeover in mind, we suggest you come and discover the trend of modern kitchen 2019. We promise you: you will find lots of interesting ideas to make this room even more chic, more practical and more friendly!

16 modern kitchen decorating ideas 2019

So, what are the main lines of the 2019 modern kitchen trend decor? During the previous year, the kitchen was a space that allowed a lot of creativity and original experiences. For example, in 2018, decorators enjoyed having fun with the kitchen decor in two colors. This was particularly the case for kitchen furniture. Convenient spaces with cozy benches were also arranged in one corner of the room. Some even opt for DIY versions of this furniture!

If you like the creative approach and originality, we have good news for you. This type of creative and personalized decoration remains one of the greatest trends in modern kitchen 2019. With that, come full of beautiful ideas to decorate and decorate this part of the interior. Here is the detail!

2019 modern kitchen trendy decor with practical and harmonious storage

The first deco modern kitchen trend 2019 concerns storage. As we have said, the previous year has provided us with many interesting examples in this regard, including two-tone kitchen furniture. This year, one of the trends will concern storage as well.

These will be more designed as practical furniture and well harmonized with the rest of the space. For this, the ideal would be to find kitchen furniture that offers maximum space for all the tools and accessories that are needed.

In addition, the high and low furniture is dressed in such a way that it blends with the rest of the decoration. For example, in a white kitchen and wood, furniture will be refined. They will have doors painted white or made of wood.

2019 modern kitchen trendy decoration with faucets in color

During the last months, the trend in the modern kitchen and bathroom decor was on the side of the taps in original colors. As our readers will remember, there were even some manufacturers who offered black faucets!

This year, this same idea continues. There are two modern kitchen trend colors 2019. The first is the tin, the second, the bronze. These are nuances to adopt if you have decided to revamp your kitchen space in the coming months.

What we particularly like about this 2019 modern kitchen trend is that it goes well with natural materials. And so much the better because they continue to be in fashion this year.

Modern 2019 kitchen design with open storage

Since the end of 2017, open storage has gained more and more popularity in the kitchen. This is also a trendy kitchen decorating elements that will continue this year.

The designers are unanimous about this. One of the major trends they are seeing right now is open storage. These last successfully replace the high kitchen furniture. To invite them into your home, you can opt for materials such as metal and wood.

Do you like this trend but are not ready to sacrifice your furniture high? No problem! In this case, simply add some open storage below it. Thus, you will enjoy even more space for small items in this room.

2019 modern kitchen trendy decor with vintage touches

The vintage deco continues, too, to seduce many decorators and owners of beautiful kitchens. If you like vintage interiors, you will have the opportunity to create a kitchen of this atmosphere 2019, while following the latest trends of decoration.

Instead of imagining a kitchen completely dominated by vintage style, just think about adding retro accents to your home. For example, use retro bar stools. Retro-inspired light fixtures, credenzas, and furniture are other good ideas. So here is a 2019 modern kitchen trend that invites creativity!

2019 modern kitchen trendy decor with colored upholstery

The kitchen has more and more often a corner of the meal. For some, it is a bar or central island with high stools. In others, it is rather a corner of the kitchen converted into a dining area with bench. Elsewhere, you can have a classic dining table.

In any case, you can take advantage of this part of the kitchen to transform it into a trendy space. For this, we advise you to opt for a fabric of furniture in color. It’s simple but it could completely transform the atmosphere of your home!

2019 trendy kitchen decoration with wooden surfaces

For 5 or 6 years already, the trendy decor is installed in force everywhere in our houses. The decorators and the furniture manufacturers affirm it. People are looking for more and more ways to feel connected to nature.

It is therefore not surprising that natural surfaces remain one of the trends in modern kitchen 2019. Among them, wood is probably the most popular material. Use it for coverings, for furniture or for the decoration of your kitchen. And if you really like this material, why not adopt different shades to create a game of contrasts?

2019 trendy kitchen decor with color furniture

Since 2018, kitchens in neutral shades have begun to be replaced by color interiors. Many people replace the kitchen furniture doors in white and black with options in brighter shades.

It’s a trend of modern kitchen decor that invites a more dynamic and friendly atmosphere in our interiors. She has a warm and happy side. This is the case especially if it is combined with color credence. You could also harmonize this type of furniture with a coating of original tiles or with wallpaper.

2019 trendy kitchen with textures that contrast

Another modern kitchen decorating idea 2019 concerns textures. This year, try a game of contrasts not between colors but between textures.

In fact, this year, a combination of contrasting textures and elegant finishes will be most interesting. For example, think of a daring association of mirrored backsplash with marble worktops. Or cabinets with textured bronze inlays and matte cabinet fronts with sandblasted wood. Here are some simple and chic options that will seduce lovers of minimalist design!

2019 modern kitchen trendy decor with raw materials

Classic materials remain very fashionable this year. By the way, this would even the idea of modern kitchen 2019 deco trend. Go for rough surfaces in your meal preparation area. In addition to the wood already mentioned, you can bet on different types of stone.

A kitchen decorating idea in 2019 that will make it easier to make the transition between a kitchen and an open living room, especially if both areas have touches of stone!

Modern kitchen and trendy decor 2019 with smart appliances

This is another trend 2019 modern kitchen that you probably did not miss: intelligent home appliances that are also invisible!

In the next twelve months, we will continue to see smart and integrated devices. Think of thin hoods that turn on automatically and induction hobs. Do not forget the connected devices that make your job easier. Also, try to conceal these devices as much as possible to keep a natural and well-organized look of space.

2019 modern kitchen trendy decor with hanging lights

Side lighting, there are not really surprises. Suspensions that have already been installed in this room for a few years will continue to play a central role this year.

Do you like this kind of lighting? So try to make the most of it. A good idea in this respect is to use them to discreetly delimit the different areas within the space. For example, install a suspension in the dining area. Opt for luminaires of this type also in the island corner or bar at home!

Trendy color for 2019 kitchen deco with green hunter shade

In 2019, the color of the year will be the coral rose. We have already talked a lot about it in our articles on fashion and make-up. But there is another interesting nuance that seems to be gaining room in the kitchen. This is the green hunter.

To explain this modern kitchen trend 2019, we must remember that this nuance rhymes with nature. It imposes itself in a sort of continuation of the natural deco trends that we saw in 2018.

Trendy credenza for kitchen decor in 2019

Are you planning to revamp or revamp your kitchen in 2019? In this case, the work may be an opportunity for you to change the credence or backsplash. If you do, know that one of the trends is precisely this element of the kitchen decor.

In the months to come, the time will be at the high kitchen credentials. They will be highlighted by strips of light, by authentic materials or simply by the furniture that surrounds them. You could bet on a type of natural stone, wood or original tiles … See you!

Deco kitchen 2019 trend with a combination of classic and modern touches

By the way, in deco, know that in 2019, the kitchens will be a mix of classic and modern. It is a type of cuisine that meets two requests. The first is more and more equipment and equipment. The second is that of a warm and friendly atmosphere within the space.

Modern kitchen trend color 2019 with the black matte finish

Do you like minimalist deco and modern design? So you’re probably not ready to adopt an original color in your kitchen.

The ideal solution for you? Matt black color. It will continue to be a predominant finish for kitchen appliances, surfaces and even for carpentry details and profiles! And if you like minimalism and light colors, make matte finish black an accent to your decor.

Trendy accents for modern kitchen design deco in 2019

Finally, we end with a modern kitchen trend 2019 that will seduce those who love the authentic decor and natural environments. Leather decoration accents!

You may have noticed it already. We are witnessing a movement that emphasizes handles and leather accents. The latter successfully replace metal elements and those made of artificial materials. In short, an original idea that will certainly give very fresh air to your kitchen furniture.


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