The indoor hammock is a practical piece of furniture that does not occupy much space and allows us to relax as if we were sitting in our garden.

Easy to assemble, it adapts easily to any kind of room and adds charm to every part of the house. In addition, modern hammocks come in several colors and materials. They are thus furniture that harmonizes very easily with a pre-existing decor. For all these reasons, an indoor hammock is an object of popular deco in contemporary homes.

How to decorate your living space with an indoor hammock?

This week, we let ourselves be inspired by this accessory, which is generally used as an exterior decoration to see how to best integrate it into the design of its living space. In the photos that follow, you will discover several ideas for indoor hammocks and examples of decoration with them. You may find it a good idea to decorate a room in your home with this type of modern furniture.

The indoor hammock for a relaxation area near a window

In the house, the indoor hammock easily associates with several spaces. Among these, there are relaxation corners near a window. To create such an area in your home, just hang your hammock near a window or bay window. You will be able to enjoy the hours of sun to relax watching the outside.

The indoor hammock to create a relaxing corner with green plants

Completing the space around its indoor hammock with some green plants is a solution that will invite nature to your relaxation area. Green indoor plants are currently very popular in deco design. You can select between several types of plants adapted to the rate of light and your needs. Think of the depolluting plants to improve at the same time the quality of the air in your home!

The indoor hammock is inviting on our balconies and glass verandas

In a similar way, the indoor hammock is very popular on terraces, balconies and glass verandas in our living spaces. Here, they are often installed so that the person can observe the outside while lying in this comfortable furniture. An idea of decoration that will seduce especially those lucky to have a beautiful view of a garden from their balcony!

The indoor hanging hammock to complement the decor of its living room

It’s a well-known fact: kids love hammocks wherever they are. If you have children, consider offering them an extra fun corner in your living room. Set it up with an age-appropriate hammock. What’s good with this deco solution is that this extra corner of games will be well organized because the swing will be in itself the focal point!

Use the indoor hammock to add an interesting touch of color to your living room

Modern interiors are often dominated by neutral colors such as white and beige. If you want to add an interesting touch of color to this type of decor, you could use an indoor hammock. Among the trendy shades you could use, there is the full range of pastel colors, such as pink, yellow, blue and soft green.

Use a chic interior hammock to complement a seaside-style living space

The indoor hammock is often considered as a piece of furniture typical of the marine style. And it is not only because it adorns the seaside terraces very nicely. This is also the case because hammocks were used for many years as an alternative to beds in ships. So, today, we gladly take advantage of this type of interior furniture to complete a space environment seaside.

Create a natural ambiance with a macrame hammock

Macrame is a technique that consists of making various objects using rope and knots. The natural appearance of objects made in macramé seduces many owners of modern spaces. If you like manual activities, consider the possibility of making a macrame hammock. Suspended in your home, it will help you to create a more cozy and authentic space.

The hanging chair replaces the classic hammock for the interior

The chair and the hanging chair can be successfully substituted for a classic hammock. Like the latter, the hanging chair is ideal for completing several rooms in the house. Not to mention the fact that it offers an additional seat without requiring much space. This idea seems interesting to you? So think of a chair hanging in macramé. You could benefit from all the advantages of this natural material!

Opt for a hanging hammock to showcase the boho chic atmosphere in his house

Among the styles of interior decoration that harmonize very well with the presence of a hanging hammock, there is the bohemian chic. The bohemian chic style is characterized by the use of natural materials and colors. These are also combined with touches of greenery introduced with green plants. No wonder then that indoor hammocks find their place very well!

Use a hanging hammock to create a cozy corner near a fireplace

Another great place to install a hammock or a hanging chair inside the house: the area around a fireplace. Like the corners near a window, these areas are reserved for relaxation and relaxation. And what better for such a space than a comfortable hammock? Classic or modern style, or even DIY version, the hanging furniture can adopt several forms depending on the atmosphere you want to create!

Save space in a sloping space with a homemade hammock!

We have said it many times already, one of the most important strengths of homemade hammocks is that they are not very greedy for space. For this reason, and given their shape, the hammocks are a very good solution for decorating small spaces and for rooms with an atypical plan. This is precisely the case for houses with sloped ceilings. Here, the classic or modern hammock is really a great space-saving furniture option!

Create a fun corner in a child’s room

Children’s rooms are probably the most popular room for installing a hanging hammock. Unlike other areas of the house, here the hammock can adopt original colors, such as bright red or orange, for example. It’s up to you to decide where to place this piece of furniture. The center of the room is a practical choice but an empty corner of the space would be just as good!

Decorate a minimalist design interior space with a hanging hammock

Do you think minimalist design interiors are not a good setting for a home-made hammock? So maybe you will change your mind thanks to the example of minimalist decoration on the picture above. The light colors combine nicely with a hanging piece of natural fabric. Note also that this space is itself installed in a room under slope. So, this picture offers us another beautiful example of space saving decoration with a hammock!

Use your home hammock as a focal point in the room

We have already seen how to use the indoor hammock to have fun with a play of colors and nuances varied in its living space. On the picture above, another model of similar decor. It will inspire you if you want to use the hammock as a focal point in your home. A good approach to achieve this type of effect will be to bet on a hammock color that contrasts with that of the background.

Decorate your home with an indoor hammock in original color

The black hammock is a modern decorative object that we talked about in a previous article. You can take advantage of this type of design furniture to highlight the opposition of shades in your home. For this, follow the example shown in the picture above!

How to transform your hammock or a suspended chair into an element of its luminous decoration

You may not know it but the indoor hammock can also be transformed into an element of your bright decor. In order to recreate such an effect at home, you will need a light garland, like those used for its Christmas decor. Use your garland to embellish your hammock or hanging chair by following the example on the picture above. This deco solution is probably not very comfortable; on the other hand, it can help you give a more original touch to your home and decorate itself at a party or a party!

Design decoration ideas with indoor hammock

As you can see, the interior hammock is a very versatile piece of furniture that you can use in different ways. To discover even more deco ideas with this type of accessory, take a look at the pictures below!


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