While they had lost their popularity for some time, reading corners are returning to fashion in trendy interiors today. They are simple to install and do not require large investments.

In addition, they are a nice way to give more character to an empty area in a bedroom or in a living room. For the little ones, in particular, a child reading corner can be transformed into a magical space that helps them to give free rein to their imagination.

How to create a child or adult reading corner?

At this time, we give you some advice on the development of a reading corner child or adult. They concern the choice of the ideal space, the options for furniture, lighting, and accessories for such a zone. If you too, want to develop such a corner at home, you could take the opportunity to design all its details!

How to create a cozy reading corner at home?

Setting up a child or an adult reading area is not a difficult task. In fact, it is a project that requires one or two pieces of furniture only and some accessories selected with care. In other words, you could do your child or adult reading corner in one day only. For that, it would suffice to consider the following points:

  • where to arrange his reading corner?
  • which furniture to choose for this space?
  • which lighting to use for the decoration of a reading corner child or adult?
  • which accessories should be favored?

Below, we take these questions one by one to provide you with answers to each one.

Where to build your reading corner?

To make a reading corner both comfortable and convenient, start by deciding where to install it. If you are wondering what space to choose, know that the most popular place for such a project is probably the corner of a living room. As for a reading space for the little ones, you could use a corner in the nursery or in the playroom.

Why favor a corner? Well, simply, because it’s better to choose a part of the room that could possibly help you relax by spending some time away from other members of your family. Creating a cozy corner is simpler because this part of the interior already gives us the feeling of being protected.

Of course, you could also bet on another area of the interior. In this case, make sure that you do not risk being disturbed during the times you have decided to devote to your favorite activity.

Which furniture to choose for this space?

In principle, setting up a child or adult reading corner does not require large expenses. It is so, quite simply, because this kind of space does not require a lot of furniture.

The child or adult reading corner configuration is fairly standard. As a general rule, it includes a comfortable chair or armchair, a side table or an ottoman. To this list, we could add a footstool, some shelves.

Since a reading corner is usually a small space, multifunctional furniture is a very practical option. As such, you could consider several options. For example, opt for benches with storage underneath. There are also tables with shelves or special reading chairs with built-in storage. These are all clever ideas for those who want such a corner but lack a lot of space.

The reading chair is probably the most important element of your child or adult reading corner decor. So be sure to choose one that is very comfortable. Bet on a piece of furniture that has a style, shape, and size that suits you.

As for do-it-yourselfers, they might also consider customizing their reading area with custom-made furniture. For example, they have the ability to turn the space around a window into a comfortable bench or bed. For the child reading corner, you can imagine a DIY beanbag or a more intimate space organized around a tepee to do yourself.

What lighting to use for the decoration of a child or adult reading corner?

Lighting is a key element in creating a successful child or adult reading corner. In fact, in this kind of space, the luminaries have a role comparable to that of the lamps of an office corner. Therefore, we recommend that you install your reading area near a window. In this way, you will enjoy a lot of natural light throughout the day.

In any case, we also recommend that you provide enough artificial light. This is an essential detail for the fall and winter months when the days are shorter. In addition, with good lighting, you could also enjoy your reading corner in the evening.

Take a look at the picture, a floor lamp seems to be an excellent choice. If the space is too small, you could replace this kind of fixture with a suspension. Those who wish to add an additional luminaire always have the possibility to bet on a table lamp.

What accessories should be favored for a reading corner?

Finally, let’s say a few words of the ideal accessories for a child or adult reading corner. In fact, to make its reading space really comfortable, it is also to add some details and personal accents.

Soft cushions, throws, and blankets are classic options. You could harmonize them with your decor by emphasizing colors and materials that match with the rest of the space.

The basket is another popular and practical accessory for reading corners. A basket can be used in several ways, for example, to store the blanket or to store the books and magazines that are being read.

Finally, do not forget the accessories that appeal to children. Think of one or two soft toys, a bright toy or a mini canopy. Besides, you could add all kinds of fun little accessories for the little ones, such as garlands, posters, and wall stickers!


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