Long intended for workshops and garages, the perforated storage panel has already been used in modern interiors to make them more organized and practical.

Today, we are interested in ideas about how and where to install in the modern kitchen.


Perforated panel: the ideal way to optimize any space 

Making a perforated panel yourself is not difficult. You can also find it and buy it in almost any furniture and home decor store. The good news is that it is inexpensive and perfect for optimizing small living spaces. Apart from its ultra practical side, it also adds a very trendy decorative touch. It is impossible not to appreciate its retro-chic side. Even if your kitchen is big and you do not need space, installing a pegboard is always a good idea.

A tidy space and a practically, functionally and modern space. 

The perforated panel is ideal to be installed in the kitchen, but also in the workspace, the entrance, the garage, the dressing room or elsewhere. Installed in the kitchen, it allows to see all the utensils and kitchen tools tidy and at hand.

Perforated panels come in a wide variety of materials: metal, wood, steel, plastic and even cardboard. Which material to choose depends on the design style of your interior, as well as your budget and your desires. For a wooden perforated panel at IKEA, it takes about forty dollars.

Why, how and where to install a perforated panel in the kitchen?

Perforated panels in the kitchen can be incredibly practical. You do not need to do any work or change a lot to install a pegboard to the existing kitchen. In addition, they can occupy any small corner of the room. The result is instant: we immediately see how the kitchen feels more organized and welcoming. The panels work particularly well for those who have a lot of cooking utensils, pots, and pans and need to use them regularly. Classic, simple and trendy, the perforated panel is undoubtedly one of the best ways of organizing and optimizing modern living spaces.

It’s time to be innovative

Adding a perforated panel to your kitchen can be done in many ways. It all depends on the available storage space, your cookware and how you want to use it as a global visual element. A perforated wooden wall in a small kitchen can be a smart solution for those who have trouble finding storage space. Practical storage solution, the perforated panel will add an original visual touch to the small kitchen. There are also perforated panels that can be simply hidden when not in use, much like a conventional sliding drawer.

Another clever way to maximize space in the kitchen is to add a perforated panel to the kitchen area. This not only makes use of the forgotten corner but also ensures that the rest of the kitchen is not cluttered. We particularly like the black and wood panel models that feel for their classic, rustic and sophisticated side at a time. The right panel for your kitchen is one that is ergonomic and aesthetic.

Work with multiple design styles

Finding the right panel for your kitchen can be more a question of functionality than mere appearance. But the latter also plays an important role in the design of your dream kitchen. A perforated stainless steel panel with a sparkling style is perfect in industrial kitchens, modern and contemporary, while a black one feels perfect for a minimalist and urban style kitchen. For its part, the aged wood panel is perfect for rustic kitchens, while a more colorful perforated panel finds its place in eclectic kitchens. It is quite possible to marry several styles to create an original and personalized interior.

Backrest and color

A perforated panel backsplash or just a small perforated panel above the backsplash in the kitchen is a practical addition that requires very little modification. It feels organic and more than enough because most of us do not have a lot of pots and pans to hang on. Some bright color introduced through the perforated wall can also add contrast to a monotonous kitchen with neutral hues.

Installing some perforated panels is also possible. 

If you have a lot of things to hang on the wall panel, you will probably need to put some on. Their simple shape allows them to be combined according to their desires in order to integrate them perfectly into their space. It is also possible to cut them to two if you have the tools for this.

Metal panels cost around 40 dollars.

It is also possible to hide the perforated panel by installing it on the door of your drawer, for example

A perforated panel without a perforated panel or how to transform a grid into a storage space:

The optimal solution for organizing a small kitchen is to install a perforated panel and shelves at a time.

If you do not have a lot of utensils, you can also decorate it! We love the idea of installing vases or pots of plants. Vertical kitchen garden? Wonderful idea!

A metal and creamy yellow panel? Great idea to add color to the neutral kitchen.

Wooden perforated panel combined with small rustic wooden shelves. Perfect!

The perfect solution for kitchenettes and kitchen areas. Below, we see a very small kitchen with the perforated panel and kitchen island improvised.

It is even possible to dress a whole wall with a panel. As is the case of the kitchen below.

Super practical and retro chic style, the perforated panel fits easily into any room in the house.

Idea for Scandinavian or minimalist style kitchen

Perforated panel in white with wooden shelf: simple, perfect and super chic.

There is another benefit to this type of storage panel. At some point, we all want change. If you no longer need your panel or you do not want it in your kitchen, it is possible to install it elsewhere. Garage, entrance, dining room, dressing room.

Three ideas on how to install the perforated panel in another room of the house.

So, have you already chosen your favorite perforated panel model? The choices are infinite!


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