The skylight can completely change the feeling of a room. Not only does it let in more natural light, but it also creates a much more open space feeling. By adding glass to a low ceiling, you can make it feel taller, seeing the sky through a skylight in a high ceiling, on the other hand, gives you the illusion of being part of an outdoor space.

A window over your bed allows you to look at the stars or the passing clouds, and one over a dining room can make you eat under the trees. There are many ways to enjoy a skylight in your home and we have selected an inspiring gallery with 40 interior photos with skylights for those interested in this type of natural lighting.

The skylight in interior design

Everything feels more Zen under the sun and the trees. This skylight design is deployed from the top position of the flat roof to a vertical window. The continuous trimming of the wall in the roofline opens a perfect view of the trees and their overhanging branches.

It is not only humans who enjoy sunlight, but indoor plants will also bloom under a well-placed skylight. Just be careful that your new growth does not completely block your source of light as well.

The skylights really enrich the airy look of a contemporary living room with white walls and can completely replace conventional windows to open more wall space for furniture or shelves.

A single skylight may be enough to pleasantly illuminate the dark end of a room that is too long.

Even if a room already has many windows, opening the roof can change the dynamics. An octagonal roof skylight provides additional sunlight in the center of this yellow accent living room with double-aspect windows.

These flat-roof skylights carry light through a large open room, projecting sunny reflections onto a bright white kitchen in the background.

Increase daylight and sight by combining ceiling elements with a line of conventional windows.

The skylight is the perfect architectural form of inviting sunlight into the home.

A rectangular roof skylight will flood a large room with natural light, until sundown.

The stained glass skylight also creates an impressive architectural feature.

The dark wood ceiling in the living room of this book lover draws attention to the bright light box above. The natural light added is perfect for reading.

Think of the reflections to create a real surprise effect. Change the size, shape, and positioning to obtain a truly unique effect.

Light is an essential part of the patio design. A superior light source gives the effect of the perfect natural sunbeam.

The solid natural ceiling beams look beautiful, but they can also feel a bit heavy and close the room. By removing part of the roof beams in favor of a skylight, it will brighten and light up, and finally, the appearance of the interior will be enriched.

A linear skylight in a modern kitchen seems like a perfect solution for this workplace. The shadows become lighter, the colors become brighter.

A skylight alone makes a luxury bathroom look even more luxurious.

The glass from edge to edge causes the roof to disappear completely.

The effect of glass on the ceiling over this double sink bathroom is doubled by a large vanity mirror.

A huge expanse of the glass roof is supported by glass struts over this modern dining room, to create an impressive result. The recessed lights highlight the edge of the installation.

This round skylight reflects the shape of a circular island in the white kitchen below.

Our tips for choosing and designing skylights

The skylights are a great addition to any home. They improve the lighting of the room, its energy efficiency and the general appearance of your home. While it is possible that you have already decided that you will get a skylight, the choice between different styles can be quite difficult. These helpful tips will help you decide which skylight is right for your home and your needs.

Roof compatibility

The first thing you should check is what options are limited according to the type of roof you have. Plastic skylights can be used on flat or sloping roofs. When it comes to glass skylights, it’s not always easy. There is a limitation of 15 degrees established for some European glass skylights.

Your provider will also be able to advise you on which skylight would be best for the type and style of your roof, whether it has a tile roof or a metal roof deck. This should be the first step in the election process and will help you better understand your options from the beginning.

Fixed skylight vs ventilation

There are two main types of skylights: fixed and ventilation, also known as operable. As the names are understood, the fixed skylight cannot be opened, while the ventilation skylight can be opened. This can be done by hand or with the use of a remote control.

When deciding between the two, you should consider whether or not you need additional ventilation provided by the operable skylight. Additional ventilation could be a good idea if you plan to install a skylight in your kitchen, as it helps eliminate unpleasant odors and brings fresh air to your home.

Fixed skylights tend to be the most popular option, as they are less prone to fissures. If you live in an area with many rainy days a year, then you may want to avoid a ventilation skylight. However, if you need to keep the room cool, you have several options:

• Passive ventilation: this is where there is a permanent ventilated strip around the outside of the skylight frame. This means that the skylight is constantly ventilating and 9/10 is a fixed skylight.

• Mechanical ventilation: this is where there is a fan in the upper part of the skylight frame. This means that the fan can be turned on when desired and 9/10 is a fixed skylight.

• Operable skylights: ventilation occurs when the skylight is in the open position.

Glazing (individual or multiple)

You can buy skylights with simple glazing, but it is worth considering the option of double glazing, as this can reduce the amount of heat loss. This is something that you should consider especially if you are thinking about opting for skylights to help reduce energy costs in the long term.

Choice of materials

The skylights are constructed with glass or plastic panels. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth considering them when deciding which would be the best for your home.

Glass panels are more expensive, but they are also lighter and of higher quality. Plastic domes are cheaper, lighter and more durable, and offer a greater variety of shapes and sizes. However, over time they lose their color and may become cloudy and fragile.

Choosing a Form

Skylights are available in different shapes, including square, rectangular, vaulted or pyramidal shapes. The dome shapes tend to be stronger, so they have a greater ability to load wind and snow. Your choices will be limited if you choose glass panels, so check if the form is available before making your choices.

Consult a professional

To make the right decision for your home, it is always best to consult the professionals first. They can use their vast experience and understanding of the products to advise on the skylight that would benefit them the most.

We hope you have been using with our article with ideas and advice about the skylights. Keep reading our page for more informative articles on architecture and interior design.


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