The island is one of the most appreciated elements in the design of a modern and functional kitchen area. It is appreciated for the many advantages it offers from the point of view of organization and decoration.

The kitchen with central island or peninsula inspires designers and seduces those who are developing or renovating a house.

Zoom on fresh ideas for a kitchen with island

Given its popularity, it is not at all surprising that the island kitchen continues to be at the heart of interior design ideas. Functional, aesthetic and modern, it remains relevant in rooms with an open or closed plan. In this big file, we collected 100 images on the kitchen with island.

They offer you an insight into the freshest ideas to create such a space. It’s up to you to browse them to find decorative elements and practical solutions for your interior design project!

The island is at the heart of a modern and practical kitchen

It’s no secret: the kitchen with island is a modern and practical space at a time. The central island plays the role of focal point in this type of interior. Large or small, it is in the heart of the room, the latter usually having a U-shaped, L-shaped or linear.

The kitchen with island is functional because the furniture in the center of the room offers more space. It also makes it possible to considerably increase the work plan. Some designers even choose to install the sink or hob to organize the space in a more comfortable way.

In most kitchen island examples, this one serves several functions at a time. In addition to serving as a work plan and cooking, it is also used as a dining table, counter or bar for breakfast or for an aperitif in the evening. In addition, many modern islets also have storage space. Open or closed, they offer even more space for crockery or kitchen tools.

As a result of all these advantages, the kitchen island naturally becomes a focal point in the room. For this reason, it has a huge potential as an element of interior decoration. As you can see in our photo collection, many islets are designed to become a decorative accent. They are distinguished by their colors or they are highlighted with interesting accessories.

The island peninsula is a trendy and discreet complement at the same time

The island peninsula is a variant of the central island. Unlike this one, the peninsula is not located in the center of the kitchen. As the name suggests, it is, in fact, a kind of extension of the low furniture of this room.

The island peninsula offers most of the benefits of the central island. It facilitates the organization of the room and provides even more storage space. It is also often used as a bar or a meal, depending on the time of day. More rarely, the peninsula can also house a sink or hotplates.

One of the advantages of the island peninsula is that it is more discreet than the central island. On the other hand, it is not as versatile and suitable only for a certain number of kitchen plans, like, for example, U-shaped spaces or those in L. But, unlike the central island, the peninsula can be easily completed with a high cabinet, which saves even more space!

The kitchen with island opens to the decor with natural materials

Natural materials, such as wood and stone, are largely incorporated into modern decorations. They successfully replace artificial surfaces to give us a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

The central island or peninsula, which has become a decorative accent, can be completed with natural surfaces or even made entirely of this type of material. Marble is one of the chicest and most fashionable options for deco kitchen island.

Next to it, there is also wood and rough stone. You can choose for yourself how to incorporate this type of surface into your kitchen with island. The simplest way is to opt for a worktop in stone or wood. But you could also consider an island made entirely from one of these natural materials.

The kitchen with island opens onto a living room or dining room

Open plans are another trend of the moment. In modern homes, the kitchen with island is often open to a living room, dining room or dining area. This type of space plan is appreciated because it is practical and because it brings a lot in terms of a friendly atmosphere in the house.

A kitchen with island open to a living room or dining room has the advantage of being both connected to the other room and have a visual separation from it.

This is because the island plays the role of a visual barrier without completely cutting the room. Take a look at the images in our collection. You will discover a series of examples of this type of modern interior design.

The kitchen with island lends itself to the trendy decor

In recent years, there is a trend towards metallic-colored decor accessories. Gold, copper, brass, and silver are everywhere in the examples of chic decor for the living room, the bathroom and the bedroom.

These shades are also ideal to complete a kitchen with island. Many decorators use it to complete an island with hanging fixtures or interesting taps. You can also choose to display kitchen accessories in these colors on your island. Those who love the ideas of daring deco may even bet on an island painted in gold or copper color!

Another interesting way to decorate your kitchen island in a trendy way is to have fun with the choice of your kitchen stools. Most islets and bars are complemented by stools or high chairs. These allow just use this furniture as a dining table or as a counter for breakfast or drink.

Try to select chairs or stools that are comfortable and have an interesting design. Opt for an intriguing color palette or materials that appeal to you. The shape of the seats can also help you create a kitchen with island cozier and more welcoming!

Below, our entire collection of fresh decor ideas for a modern kitchen with island.


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