The decoration of the living room is one of its interior elements that we usually change often depending on the seasons and its desires. This explains why the list of ideas deco salon is infinite!

In this publication, we will share with you over 40 new suggestions as well as some tips on how to decorate and decorate your living room in a modern, functional and design way. You will find Scandinavian, minimalist, industrial, rustic and modern living room ideas.

The living room is where you spend a lot of time relaxing, watching movies, reading books or having fun with family or friends. This piece has several functions at once. Dedicated to social and relaxation activities, it is also often the space that brings together the inside and the outside. The living room is often the room that determines the design style of all other rooms. And then when we come home after a long, tedious day, the first thing we want to do and lie on his comfortable sofa. In short, the living room decoration is not to be taken lightly. To have a nice living space to live in, the design of the living room is essential.

And now, let’s explore some new living room decorating ideas …

The successful living room decoration is one that is harmonious and compact. In the contemporary interior and exterior design, the key is to create a functional and lightweight living environment at a time. This explains the success of Scandinavian style and minimalist style. Both are simple and practical. As for the industrial style, it owes its success to its recuperative and authentic side.

Furniture and decoration: it’s almost the same thing

Deco is often associated with simply ornamental objects that have no other function than decorating. Contemporary architects do not agree. The modern decor is the one that is also useful or the one that thanks to its presence makes the atmosphere more pleasant. For its part, the furniture, too, has an essential decorative function. Anything that makes up an indoor or outdoor home is part of the living room decoration.

Your space is small? Focus on minimalist living room design and decor. 

Small spaces are often the ones that inspire the most interior designers because they represent a real challenge. How to make a small space pleasant to live without depriving the comfort of all the movable elements composing a space of life of normal size? The answer to this question differs depending on the configurations of the spaces. Usually, we start by finding the place of all the must components. For the living room, it would be the sofa and the coffee table, for example. We can, of course, design a living room without a sofa and choose ottomans. In short, we must have sits, that’s for sure! Subsequently, we think of the placement of the decor: floor mats, cushions, plants, paintings, frames … We choose their place according to the furniture already installed and placed.

The best living room decoration is greenhouse plants.

Indoor plants are not only a must for the living room, but for any other room. No matter which design style you choose, plants have the magic power to transform and cool any interior. You can start by installing a single potted plant and add more as you go. Indoor plants are also highly recommended for those living in urban areas where the air is polluted as they purify the air. And then, they are so pretty …

Want to warm up the atmosphere of your living room? The best way to make the inside of your living room cocoon is to put a floor mat. Very easy and simple idea, you will see how a floor mat is able to change the mood. It is also perfect for cold days because you will always have hot feet.


This is the best way to find a balanced and original living room decoration at a time. Feel free to mix patterns, colors, and textures, but be careful not to go beyond the limits of kitsch. A pleasant interior is one that is easy to see. The presence of too many objects or colors always makes it uncomfortable. The salon interior below is a very good illustration of our idea. These designers have found the ideal elemental balance.

The trendy color is the one you like 

Every year Pantone announces THE trend color for the following year. In 2017, we went green and in 2018, purple. Trend forecasts for 2019 are dictated by bright shades that blend bright red and orange, but also softer tones. Fiesta, Jester red, turmeric, bright coral and pink peacock are on the bold side of the spectrum, while pepper stems, aspen, toffee, sweet lilac, and mango Mojito seem to be on the side. softer. A neutral color palette for everyday fashion is also included. Colors in this palette include soy, eclipse, sweet corn, and brown granite. We personally consider that all colors are beautiful and the most trendy color for living room decoration is the one you like!

Your living room is small or lacks brightness? Design it then in white and light shades. In this way, you will grow it visually and make it much brighter. For deco, you can afford all the other colors but introduced in small keys.

Gray is also an option. Marry white and gray is a classic, but not to make his living room too sterile, we always add some furniture and decor elements in wood and bright colors.

Our favorite is this beautifully matching industrial living room decoration:

The living room decoration is seen by contemporary interior designers

An industrial design that is undoubtedly industrial and very modern, the living room decoration is very lively. Thanks to it, space seems welcoming and softens the solid presence of polished concrete on the walls.

Black and white: a classic wedding and always successful in any room of the house. The low coffee table in wood and on wheels is very cute and adds a warm side to the whole room. We will add a few brightly colored elements anyway to make this salon a more casual idea.

In a Scandinavian style interior, there are three must-have elements: white, wood and plants. The living room below proves it with its sleek and modern design.

It is impossible not to recognize the coffee table by Muuto! It is perfect for those who want to invite affordable Scandinavian design into their living room interior.

What a beautiful design salon! We are not all lucky to live in such a space, but we at least have the chance to be inspired by its magnificent design: neutral tones, wood, patterns, original lighting, and green plants everywhere.

If you live in a house, you can think of the rustic style. And if your living room overlooks an outdoor area, we advise you to design both in the same style of design.

Gray, beige, wood and an original fixture: this interior is very dramatic and has a cool vintage side. Apart from its style, the decor is rather minimalist and composed only of three elements: potted orchid, painting, and sculpture.

The living room decoration is composed of only three elements: the huge abstract painting, the orchid placed on the coffee table and the two pots of green plants. The other furniture elements are added to the whole.

Do you recognize the stars in the photos below? 

And if you’re really into the decor and the size of your living room allows it, you can go far and compose a really sophisticated decor like the one in the living room below. We see mostly plants and vintage objects which makes this interior rather cute than kitsch. In fact, kitsch is often the result of mixing different elements that do not really harmonize.

For large spaces, there are really no limits. We can afford everything but do not forget that the functionality and the beauty of simplicity are to be privileged.

A pink sofa? Why not! We like how it was matched with the brick wall, the coffee table, and the retro-chic armchair. The floor mat is the element that warms the whole.

Cushions and composition of some frames: classic living room decoration

The mix of textures and patterns is very nice and successful. The green houseplant and the floor mat are the two elements that immediately attract attention when contemplating this living room interior.

The brick wall is a classic. Long reserved for salons, we see it more and more in the bedroom and the bathroom. It represents a decorative element in itself. By choosing the right furniture and good decor you can showcase it.

In this interior, we discover the same floor mat as in one of the previous living room interiors. Apparently, this rug is much appreciated. It does not surprise us: it looks so soft, you can not find it?

If you love art, you can decorate the walls of your living room with reproductions of your favorite painters. It always makes a good impression.

A rustic living room decoration is usually composed of warm woods and textures 

If you have a bookshelf in your living room, you can decorate it with beautiful frames or light garlands.

Muuto’s coffee table is back in the frame. This time, it is black in combination with a leather chair and a faded white floor mat.

To make your living room interior more dynamic, you can paint the walls in a lively shade or opt for interesting patterned wallpaper.

No, we do not need much to properly decorate and decorate its interior. You just have to have the right ideas in your head and a little imagination.

This living room does not need deco … The beautiful sofa is absolutely enough!

Muuto’s design style is easily recognizable: uncluttered, light and pastel colors and soft shapes. It’s simply the Scandinavian style.

Do you like industrial style? We too! Nowadays, it is associated with lofts and luxury, but at its origin, it is a style of recovery and low price.

What a beautiful living room interior! Ultra comfortable sofa, black design bookcase, and captivating wall decoration: 100% successful industrial living room decoration.

To succeed in the decoration of the living room, it is not necessary to be expert in decoration. Just do not put too much and go slowly.

Open kitchen lounge in a modern industrial style interior

Small, pleasantly furnished space 

A magnificent industrial space!

Too much decoration maybe, but perfectly granted

Classic industrial interior


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