Regarding modern bathroom color, we can see that dark shades are more and more popular these days. Whether you want to adopt them as an accent of deco or as shades for the entire room, there are many different ways to introduce dark shades into this space of the house.

Moreover, contrary to what one might think, black, blue and gray as modern bathroom color is not only reserved for large spaces. In fact, many designers argue that these shades are also suitable for the decoration of small bathrooms modern design.

How to adopt dark shades like modern bathroom color?

Adopting a dark shade like modern bathroom color is a possibility that seduces for several reasons. For some, it’s a way of bringing a dramatic and original touch to the interior space. For others, the dark shades rhyme with the masculine decor or with the industrial style. There are also those who like the combination of dark hues and touches of white. Not to mention the recent trend of metallic colors. Copper and gold that blends perfectly with dark hues!

In the lines that follow, we explore a series of images on dark shades like modern bathroom color. If you consider adding such a hue to your bathroom, you may find examples to copy at home. Have a good time!

What decorating styles rhyme with dark shades like modern bathroom color?

Let’s start right away with a question that is of interest to many people who are decorating or revamping their washrooms. What are the interior deco styles that rhyme with dark shades like modern bathroom color? A quick review of the images in our folder can show you pretty clearly that there is not one deco associated with this kind of modern bathroom color. On the contrary, from the point of view of popular styles of bathroom decor or shower room in dark hues, the possibilities are almost endless.

Many decorators rely on dark hues and minimalist style. Thus, the modern bathroom color occupies a central place. It contributes to a global atmosphere of the room dictated by the mixture of colors.

In addition, this kind of modern bathroom color rhymes well with the rustic decor. Rustic and country style is currently available in two versions. One is characterized by the use of dark hues with vintage and authentically rustic decorations. The other opts more for modern accessories but just as natural.

To add to this, we must not forget that the dark shades are also suitable for an industrial atmosphere, luxury decor, design inspired by nature or the art deco period. In short, as you can see, you have a lot of freedom in choosing a decorative style for a bathroom in dark shades.

Having seen this, let’s turn now to the question of what characterizes the spaces where one can adopt a modern bathroom color.

What shape and size of the bathroom with a dark color?

Another frequent question is about the size of the piece to be painted in dark color. Can a small bathroom really be decorated with dark shades in a successful way? The answer of the designers is affirmative. What’s more, many of them point out that very dark shades, such as black, have the ability to make the room look bigger visually. In other words, this kind of modern bathroom color is comparable, somewhere, to light shades.

This may seem paradoxical, especially considering that black and other dark hues were not appropriate for many years in small spaces. But the trend of the moment shows very well that it’s worth it to bet on this type of modern bathroom color. For an optimal effect, the designers also use decoration tricks with dark colors. Among them, the use of mirrors, shiny surfaces or glass. These clever accessories are also popular in designer bathrooms of greater shape and size.

Black, gray, dark blue as modern bathroom color are also a good solution for bathroom and toilet room deco. It is not by chance that this type of color is very fashionable in the setting of establishments, restaurants, and clubs at the moment.

What kind of materials for a black, gray, brown or dark blue bathroom?

In terms of modern bathroom color, black, gray, brown and dark blue are all beautiful options. What’s important to note about these colors is the huge selection of materials and surfaces that can help you introduce those colors into your home.

The mural

A dark paint color is the first option. It gives you the freedom to bet on a variety of shades and allows you to customize your interior space. In addition, you could create your own nuance by mixing two or three paint that seduces you!


Tiles are one of the most popular coatings for the bathroom. Currently, the choice of tiles is bigger than ever. This applies as much to the shapes and size of the tiles as to the available shades. And, to add to that, you can have fun combining several types of tiles for an even chicer and design effect!

Wall cladding made of natural materials

Wall cladding is another trendy approach at this time. Designed to best fit modern bathrooms and showers, the siding is available in a variety of materials. Nowadays, you can try a black marble wall cladding with a rough stone effect or a dark wood look. The idea is even more attractive knowing that a wall facing is perfect to delimit a corner of the room, like the shower, for example.

The wallpaper

Wallpapers are a cheap and original option for bathroom decor in dark hues. Today, there are wallpapers specially made to be exposed to very high humidity levels. This is what allows decorators to have fun with wall tapestries in this room that was not always welcoming wall deco with wallpapers. Opt for a dark wall tapestry to further embellish a space that lacks originality or decorative accent.

Here are some simple ways to adopt such a modern bathroom color. You can take inspiration from our images to decide which one is best for your home. In doing so, remember that some solutions are easier to implement. Others, on the other hand, require more work. Ideally, we should try to find the perfect balance between the deco idea that seduces you, your budget and the time you have!

How to use a modern bathroom color in the palette of dark shades?

Above we talked about decorating styles and spaces that blend well with the dark-hued decor. Now we offer you some ideas for adopting this kind of colors in different parts of your bathroom. It’s up to you to find the most appropriate suggestion for your home!

Dark shades like modern bathroom color for sink corner and worktop

A good first idea to adopt this kind of modern bathroom color is the sink area and the worktop. Regarding colors for this part of the room, you have several possibilities. Gray, brown and black are good ideas.

To introduce them to you, think of a paint color but also a wooden or stone facing. With regard to the walls and the worktop, concrete may be another good option.

We spoke earlier of the important role played by mirrors in the dark-colored decor. Mirrors are important because they allow widening the room. In addition, they bring more light to space, including in a bathroom in dark hues.

But it is precisely in this corner of the bathroom that the mirror naturally finds its place. Our advice is to find a large mirror for this corner of the interior. On the design side, you have several options. These begin with the minimalist mirrors, through those of classical form to finish with models with golden frame. You should simply make a choice based on your favorite deco style.

Another important point to remember is lighting. Any room decorated in dark hues needs strong lighting. One of the ideal parts of the house for this purpose is the sink and worktop area!

Dark colors for the shower and bathroom deco

Another possibility for creating a dark decor as modern bathroom color: the shower or bath area. This approach is a good idea for those who want to create an accent wall in dark shades. In terms of coating, they can opt for tiles or for siding in natural materials.

In this part of the bathroom, many designers favor minimalist decorations in dark hues. But accents in bright brown or dark tiles are also a nice solution. The same goes for black marble siding, for example.

How to further customize this corner of the bathroom? The answer is simple: bet on a designer faucet. For example, try coppery or golden shades. They come in models of modern or vintage faucets. For those who love the Zen atmosphere, there are also many variants with touches of stone. A natural bath or stone shower cover are all good options.

A trick to make this part of the bathroom more welcoming touches the light. If possible, opt for a window that provides a little more light at this corner. Otherwise, consider placing candles nearby for a guaranteed relaxing atmosphere!

Some accessories ideas in shades trend for the bathroom black, gray, brown or blue

In addition to all these options in dark color, do not forget the accessories! In this last section, we are considering some possibilities of accessories to complete a dark interior in modern bathroom color.

A bathroom painted in dark shades also deserves appropriate accessories. In terms of decorative objects, it all depends on how you decided to combine the nuances. If space already abounds in dark surfaces, add bright or bright keys. For this, help yourself with the choice of faucets but also with small accessories (bottles, mirrors …).

You have opted for a bathroom decor white and black or black and wood? In this case, you could also bet on a designer faucet in black. It is very fashionable these days, so do not hesitate to consider it as a deco option. To learn more, you can take a look at this article.

Finally, be aware that glass surfaces and accessories are always a nice complement for a decor in dark shades. So do not forget the possibility of decorating your bathroom with a glass wall or with a crystal chandelier for a vintage and chic touch at a time!

And now, here are some additional ideas with this kind of modern bathroom color:


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