Choosing a beautiful paint color for the adult bedroom is of paramount importance because colors play an extremely important role in our mood and well-being. They can improve our inner world and our state of mind. Sky blue, snow white, taupe gray or sun yellow? Good opportunities are endless! In order to help you find a beautiful color of painting for the adult bedroom, Votopin would like to give you an overview of the trend colors 2018! You want to dare intense colors and bright colors in the decor of your bedroom? Or do you have a soft spot for pastels and natural sober and elegant? To learn all about the proper application of the different shades, take a look at our selection of photos below!

Paint Color for Bedroom – Ideas and Tips for Stylish Interior Design!

When one begins to choose a color of painting for the bedroom, or for another room of the house besides, one must first determine the effect one wishes to give to his interior decoration. Remember to consider some important elements like the layout, surface, and brightness of the pieces. The colors are able to easily turn your room into a soothing, serene, refreshing, romantic or happy place.

Discover how to combine trendy shades for a modern and sumptuous decor!

The pastel shades are characterized by a bewitching softness that will transform your room into a magical place inviting to daydream. Would you like to dive into a zen atmosphere conducive to meditation and recovery of forces? So, choose a room paint color that will transport you immediately into a soft and delicate world. Opt for sky blue, powder pink, mint green, pale yellow, beige sand, cream, ivory, taupe and so on.

How to choose a good color of painting for bedroom?

On the walls of this modern room , the heavenly blue is a soothing shade that adds a touch of grandeur by helping to visually expand the space. The white snow of the chest of drawers and the low bed, complemented by the warmth of the solid parquet, balances the pastel mix that reigns in the room. Do not miss the discreet curtains or faux fur on the floor that make the room chic and cozy.

Painting color for bedroom furnished in a minimalist spirit

Arrange a welcoming room with a modern and elegant design, thanks to a soft paint color for the adult bedroom! If the room is no more than 15 m², opt for neutral tones or pastel shades, as darker colors may further narrow the space. Deco tip: the combination of 2 or 3 colors and their repetition in all elements will further modernize the decor.

Snow white, sun yellow or another paint color for a modern room?

Maybe it seems a little daring in wall painting, but one of the trend colors 2018 is the yellow sun! The yellow tint is a warm, bright color that for most people creates positive associations. If you want to make your room even more spacious, use plenty of sunflower yellow, which will create a springtime atmosphere. However beware: aside from facilitating communication, this color has an energizing effect and can excite more people who have trouble sleeping!

Subtle tips for choosing the right color for adult bedroom

If this is the case for you, use it as a small accent and steer towards one of its pastel variants. Keep the rest weighted by aiming for a more organic color palette as possible and removing unnecessary detail. An elegant pastel beige and off-white on the walls, will combine perfectly with soft and voluptuous textiles. For optimal comfort, decorate the room with a beautiful shaggy rug, a fur rug and several decorative cushions.

Spacious interior in snow white and matching solid wood furniture

This superb adult room, furnished in a modern Scandinavian spirit, seduces us with its sophisticated furniture with clean lines. Snow White as a paint color for Scandinavian bedroom – an extremely wise and thoughtful choice! The off-white of a pinch of gray or taupe is another fabulous option to try, especially if you find that the pristine white looks too impersonal, or even frankly sterile.

Color of paint for the designer room: purple, lilac or mauve?

Embellish the interior with a sublime paint color for a noble and delicate room at a time! Have you thought about purple and its many variants quite admirable? Whether plum, lilac, purple, lavender or another shade of purple, this pretty hue is one of the hottest colors at the moment. From deep purple to soft purple, violet comes in multiple shades, offering a cosmos of possibility to decorate all our living rooms, not just the adult bedroom. Serene atmosphere in the room or ostentatious decoration in the living room, discover our user guide of this beautiful color!

Wall painting in purple contrasted with white lacquered furniture

Once the specific nuance is chosen, the question to consider is what to associate it with to make it work. The good news is that purple is a pretty rich color in itself that does not require a lot of decorative effort. Being composed of red and blue, in variable proportion, one can advantageously marry it and with the hot ones and with the expenses. However, there is a third option, namely: to associate it with simple, classic and modern non-colors at the same time. We recommend pure white for the intense purple and respectively anthracite gray, almost black, for pale mauve.

Paint color for modern bedroom – anthracite gray, pearl or taupe?

Having mentioned the gray shades, we simply could not omit them as room paint color variations. They are nonetheless “colors” without pigment, which means that they lack a certain dose of unique character. In order to make them less impersonal, we can use the help of more intense tones that will counterbalance them. Depending on the intended effect, you can use yellow, orange, green or red as well as all their intermediate shades.

Walls in gray taupe, built-in wardrobe in snow white, low bed in solid wood and floor in engineered parquet

Blue is not forbidden either, but keep in mind that it will further refresh your design. It is, therefore, to be avoided if you want to warm visually an adult bedroom already painted in a gray shade. And if you do not find any of these options, you can always opt for the natural and cozy textures. For example, light natural wood furniture is super elegant and at the same time embraces fresh gray and immaculate white.

Color of paint for room and tips to consider

Finally, the light from the lighting fixtures in the chamber, and more precisely its temperature, can greatly influence the appearance of the colors used in its interior. The cold light can easily turn your gray paint into a blue pigeon, while the warm one can make it look moley! So choose carefully not only your lights but also your bulbs taking note of their temperature in Kelvins. In short, a 2000 K bulb emits a super hot light, a between 5000 and 6000 mimics daylight at noon, while one above these values is rather cold.

Elegant and modern taupe painting in the contemporary adult bedroom

Two-tone lilac and gray paint idea in the elegant bedroom

Yellow wall painting in an elegant contemporary bedroom

Paint color for petrol blue room in contrast with a light gray resin floor

Bright and spacious bedroom with a glacier blue wall painting


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