A well-groomed, lush green and the weed-free lawn is the dream of many hobby gardeners. Instead of letting the lawn spread out, you can turn it into a shapely design element in your garden. Thus, you will benefit from both practical and aesthetic benefits. Of course, you can also design a modern garden without turf, but the green lawn creates atmospheric splashes of color in the outdoor area and looks natural. Today we have collected a few ideas on how to make a small lawn modern and properly staged. Let yourself be inspired!

The lawn as a design element in the garden

There are numerous ways to integrate a green carpet into the garden. Today, more and more hobby gardeners are abandoning a vast, indefinite lawn that extends from wall to wall. Large lawns need a lot of water and other resources to look beautiful and well maintained. Even aesthetically, they do not offer as much creative freedom as, for example, a small lawn with an interesting design. Therefore, small green areas enjoy a growing popularity in garden design and are increasingly used as a modern design element.

The key to a modern lawn is to design it as a specific visual element that interacts with other elements in the garden, such as the garden. B. hardscape and plant beds interact and balance them. In this way, the lawn becomes more important and not only beautiful but also practical.

As the following examples show, a geometric garden design looks decidedly modern and can help to subdivide the exterior space into different areas. A small lawn can serve as an area to play or entertain, or just put a peaceful, green splash of color in the garden that is pleasing to the eye. A modern lawn can be created from any number of grass species, including those that are native to a particular region and even require less care. In the following, we will show you how a small lawn can really have a big effect on the outside.

Make the small lawn around

This round lawn with paving stone lawn edge impresses with its perfect shape. It serves as an eye-catcher in the middle of the garden and can be contemplated by the small wooden bench in peace. A planting along the lawn surrounds the small lawn area successfully in the scene.

When mowing such a lawn, you must always take care of the adjacent beds or plantings. Best leave a narrow strip and cut it off later. To keep the perfect shape of the lawn, you need an edge trimmer or lawn trimmer.

The green lawn can also be transformed into an entertainment area, as in this example. Here is a fireplace in the middle of the lawn, which creates a cozy atmosphere in the outdoor area.

Anyone who has already selected another corner in the garden for the fireplace can instead turn the small lawn into a great seat. A few garden chairs, cushions, and a small outdoor table are enough for that.

Even if you have a larger lawn area in the garden, you should not necessarily cover it completely with grass. A good alternative you can look at in the picture above. Here, the designer opted for some round lawns with mulch in between instead of creating a spacious lawn.

Another good option would be to create interesting lawn mowing patterns. You can customize these as you adjust the cutting height of the lawnmower for each area.

Rectangular lawns in small format

With a rectangular lawn, you can set a wonderful, natural accent in the outdoor area. Whether you choose a square design or some other geometric shape, the effect of the grass is always positive.

If you want the optics of the lawn, but have no time for the appropriate care, then you can put on artificial turf as an alternative to the real grass. It is virtually indistinguishable from the real one and minimizes the care required in the garden.

The combination of lawn and plant beds in geometric shapes creates a special work of art in the middle of this modern garden. The small lawn is rectangular and serves with its rich green color as a real eye-catcher in the outdoor area.
Not everyone has enough space for a whole lawn of chess and treadplates in the garden. Its effect, however, is very special. The well-known pattern gives the exterior structure and charms with its perfect square shapes. For a more interesting effect, the chessboard lawn can be complemented by a chess piece as a garden décor.
Small lawns can still be created as green joints between concrete slabs in the outdoor area. You can see an example in the picture above. Here treadplates with small green areas in between serve as a pool deck and transform the garden with pool into a geometric highlight.

Even a very small lawn can make a big statement in the outdoor area. In the design of this modern house, the architects opted for “paving stones” made of grass. These look like small raised beds made of Cortenstahl and form a green path to the house.

Combine lawn and pebble areas in the garden

If the small lawn is combined with other design elements such as hardscape, gravel, plants, trees, and decoration, then a harmonious overall picture is created in the garden. A good example of this is the backyard pictured above, which captivates with its Asian flair.
Even in the front garden, a small green space can be successfully set in scene. In combination with light gravel and sandstone, the natural effect of the grass is particularly good.
garden path made of stones is considered a classic garden design. But what do you think about a lawn walk? The grass is completely resistant to tread and thus offers an interesting alternative to the classic flagstones. In the example above, the places are deceived – the walkway runs through a bed of stones. And the result is really impressive.


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