The interior of this exclusive apartment is full of unconventional solutions and displays a magnificent collection of art from the owners.

Today we present the design of the interior of the Pippa apartment made by Muxin Studio. The apartment of Kate Middleton’s famous sister is located in the center of the Xuhui district of Shanghai, China.

First, the owner’s unique work habits meant that a multifunctional interior design was required that successfully integrated work, study, and leisure. The interior design has been adapted to meet the specific needs and lifestyle of the client what has been achieved in a personal and unconventional space.

Still, the furniture is comfortable and the corners are cozy, like this with a suspended fireplace.
The children’s room is decorated in neutral tones and pink tones, with golden touches that give a sense of glamor.

These cloudy network lamps create a true sense of the sky in the children’s room.

The dining room has a wooden table and wooden and metal chairs that are not the same.

The kitchen is also a space full of art, an open bookcase shows magnificent ceramics

The space is decorated with several tables, stools and a bit of art that impresses.

The man travels the world to find what he wants and finds it in his home

The bathroom has golden and marble touches to make it refined and elegant.

The interior of the house was not designed and made according to any particular style or trend. From the distribution of the living room and dining room to the unconventional design of the bedroom and the children’s bedroom, the entire interior of the home is unique and personalized. Pippa herself said that this is the private space she wants for her life. All the design starts with the life and personal needs of the famous client. His unique work habits make him need a multifunctional space where he can work, relax and study.

A unique and personalized interior design

First, the designer abandoned the traditional design with the sofa in the living room and opted for a more open style. The owner’s art collection is reorganized into a different art installation. The decorative paintings at the end of the corridor combine with the artistic sculpture, forming a landscape of unique and flexible interior art. The Thonet, Pantone, Eames, Series 7 and Grand Prix chairs in the room are visible through the window at a distance from the urban landscape, illuminated by the abundant sunlight.

The rest area and private drawing is the most favorite place of the owner. This space is arranged as a natural paradise for art. Sunlight enters through the panoramic window and the outdoor trees can be seen at any time through the French windows. She said it did not matter if she was painting or resting so she could calm her thoughts. The combination of marble cabinets and wooden ceiling separates the living room, and a wall-mounted music system hangs over the electronic marble fireplace and emanates melodious music throughout the house.

The dining room has an interesting mini bar and most of the storage space is used for clothes and books. The designers have set up different areas to create different attractions: entrance hall, multipurpose area, kitchen area, hallway and chandelier over the dining room of Petite friture vertigo Pendant, France.

On one side of the dining room is an incredible collection of old kitchen utensils from around the world, from the knife to dig nuts and the knife to cut pizzas to the rope to fix turkeys when they are roasted. They are more like works of art than tools. The contrast between the modern and classic elements of the master bedroom creates the feeling of a typical delicate lifestyle in stark contrast to objects, furniture and works of art in space. The participation of the plants creates freshness and gives a natural touch to the design of the interior. The owner can replace the bedding with another one of different colors depending on the season and the mood. A thin Oluce table lamp on both sides of the bed contrasts with the Louis Poulsen brass lamp.


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