We all dream of a healthy and restful sleep. In addition to many other factors, the materials used to make our bed linen have a major impact on sleep quality. While some fabrics are warm and therefore a good choice for the winter, there are others that keep you cool in the hot summer nights. How to choose the right bed linen in every season, we reveal in the article!

Which is the right bed linen for the different seasons?

When choosing bedding, many place too much emphasis on colors and patterns, neglecting the characteristics of the material. For restful nights in any season, however, the fabric for the bed linen plays the most important role, as it comes into direct contact with the body. Some fabrics such as linen and percale, for example, are best for the summer months, while others such as beaver and flannel are used only in winter. For those looking for a practical solution, there is also year-round bed linen that will fit in any season. A good example of this is the Mako Satin Linens made of long-fiber cotton, it has the perfect climate for summer and winter. In the following, we take a closer look at the different variants to help you with the selection.

Suitable fabrics for the summer

For the months between June and September, the so-called tropical nights are typical. This is what people say when temperatures stay above 20 degrees Celsius at night. In order to sleep well during this time, it is important that the bed linen is kept cool and provides good air circulation.

One of the best fabrics for summer bedding is undoubtedly the linen. The linen fibers absorb moisture quickly and are completely breathable. Pure linen is skin-friendly and perfect for allergy sufferers because of its dirt-repellent properties.

Renforcé is a medium-fine fabric that is durable and has a soft, smooth surface. Their bedding is also allergy-friendly and very hard-wearing.

Perkal is a long-lasting fabric with a smooth surface that feels very soft and comfortable on the skin. Compared to Renforcé, the cotton is finer woven in the percale bedding, which explains the difference in price between the two.

The non-iron  Seersucker bed linen can hardly be confused because of its crepe-like structure. Exactly this special structure allows a good air circulation, which is very important, especially in the summer months.

Choose the right bedding for the winter

Just as we put on our warm clothes in the cold season, so there is also for our bed a suitable bedding for the winter. The winter bed linen should be thick, firm and cuddly warm, but also breathable, to prevent heavy sweating.

Who wants a warm bedding especially for the winter, which is fine with fine beaver or flannel in any case. Its slightly roughened surface and the thickness of the fabric make it the ideal companion for the cold winter nights. The disadvantage of winter bedding is its greater weight, which can be uncomfortable for some people.

Warm in winter and cool in summer with all-year linens

A particularly practical choice is provided by fabrics that could be worn as bedding throughout the year. Allrounder has great, temperature-balancing properties that keep you warm in the cold months and really cool and airy in the warm season. Even in the transitional period, these fabrics are perfectly used.

A very high-quality fabric, which is referred to as the perfect all-season bedding, is the Mako Satin. It is a very noble textile, which consists of 100% Egyptian cotton. It is particularly densely woven, easy to clean and has a fine shine. Mako Satin is the right bedding in any season, as it has a moisture-regulating effect and ensures perfect temperature compensation.

The climate regulating knit jersey is very soft and elastic and reminds of the light T-shirt fabric. Bed linen made of this material is non-iron and therefore very easy to clean. Their good absorbency makes them perfect for the hot summer nights. As a year-round bedding, the slightly thicker interlock jersey is better, as it keeps you warm in winter.


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