Zoom on the white and wood decor through 4 modern, bright and functional interiors. Today, you discover 4 living spaces that prove that white and wood always make a wonderful mix.

White and wood decor: a successful wedding

Interiors with white deco and wood always have a very light side and a soothing atmosphere, even more, when there are some touches of heat and texture from the natural grain. Having white and simple walls helps make any living space more compact, modern and spacious. The four living spaces with white deco and wood presented here to prove it. The modern design is refined, functional and warm at the same time. Scroll down to discover its wonderful interiors and their perfectly found decorative elements.

The first of four interiors with white deco and wood is an open and modern living space including a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. Its design was designed by the designer Lapra Laprandiel. It is indeed the smallest of the 4 apartments presented here, as well as the most refined. Usually, when space is smaller, it is necessary to put less movable and decorative elements, but also to pay particular attention to the chosen palette of colors. Clear shades are preferred and dark shades – to avoid.

A white sofa was placed along the wall of this space and decorated with two cushions, one with geometric pattern, the other in pastel blue. The sofa can be used in two ways: sitting when the owners are watching TV or bench when eating. There are also 4 white and wood chairs that have been placed around the dining table in front of the sofa. This interior is a perfect illustration of what Scandinavian design is: clean, natural and fresh.

A modern and functional space with white and wood decor: one room, three functions

deco white and wood kitchen backsplash fixture suspension

Industrial black metal-style lighting hung over the surface of the dining table immediately makes an impression. They play, too, a dual role practical and aesthetic. The decorative vases and glasses on the table are of the same shade of blue as the cushion. The designer of this space paid attention to the smallest details.

Despite the limited size of this living space, the decoration is present. It has been perfectly found and does not look bulky at all. Plants make this interior cooler and purify the air. While the 4 drawings on the wall add an artistic side to the whole room. There is very little color in this interior because it is really small. Even the wooden floor that dresses the floor is of a very clear shade.

deco white and wood kitchen backsplash fixture suspension

The white kitchen cabinets were installed on each side of the room, “sandwiching” the dining room and the living room in the center. It’s amazing how opening a small space and designing it in white can make it visually bigger and more enjoyable.

The monochrome tiles with geometric patterns form a beautiful backsplash in the kitchen. Everything in this modern interior has been perfectly balanced. Space does not look very small. It is small, functional and with a white decoration and beautiful wood.

deco white and wood kitchen backsplash fixture suspension

The modern interior design is one that is functional and harmonious.

white deco and wood living room modern sofa library

The second interior we are going to present to you has been designed in shades a darker idea than the previous one. It was created by the design studio Zrobym Architects. Its designers have allowed themselves to introduce more nuances and patterns here because space is much larger than the first. Its size allows the installation of more furniture and the presence of dark tones.

The first thing that immediately catches the eye is the round carpet with dreamy motifs in turquoise and green. It contrasts beautifully with the Marsala coffee table. It is also our favorite place in the whole apartment. All the elements are so well found and balanced.

white deco and wood living room modern sofa library

Two mid-century style armchairs were placed around the table. Their color corresponds to that of the carpet: dark blue-gray and white. In open interiors, there are very often floor mats that serve as visual room dividers. The carpet also allows adding a decorative element that is not bulky at all as is the case of this interior.

The blue and green decorative vases are matched to the colors of the room, placed in the middle of the coffee table.

A unique oversized and black floor lamp was placed next to the beige sofa. The library also acts as a room divider. It is obvious that the inhabitants of this modern living space love reading!

An open kitchen is located right next to the lounge, where a white table and matching Scandinavian-style chairs rest on wooden floors. The latter is the same wood as the storage cabinets. The Scandi Chairs of Series 7 are easily recognizable by Arne Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen. The kitchen is small but very compact and bright. Simplicity and functionality.

white deco and wood living room modern sofa library

The only decorative element present in this kitchen with white decor and wood is a single plant placed at the dining table. It is impressive how a single item can enhance the mood. Without the plant, the kitchen will look sterile.

white deco and wood living room modern sofa library

An LED luminaire illuminates the worktop. And another luminaire suspended in very light blue was suspended above the dining table.

Light, functionality, and design

The third interior of the house with white decoration and wood that we will present to you was designed by the designer Ines Käärma. The designer of this space chose blue as the accent of color. The first elements that immediately catch your eye are the sofa and the armchair in pastel blue. Here too, as in the case of the previous apartment, its designers decided to install a carpet in the living room.

Three unusual zigzag lights adorn the ceiling above the dining table or the coffee table in the living room.

A simple design wooden dining table has been paired with black and modern chairs.

The wood color of the dining table matches that of the kitchen cabinets. The result is obvious: a coherent and harmonious whole. This harmonization technique is often used in interior design. We take a piece of furniture or decoration of one of the pieces and it is associated with another element in the other room. A simple but intelligent technique that always makes the space more harmonious.

On the other side of the living room, we discover a work area simply furnished with two black chairs. The office extends along a white wall. It offers enough room to work quietly with two or even three.

As soon as it is present in an interior the wood always brings a warm side. This is also the case of this modern living space. The wooden floor dresses the floors of all rooms apart from the bathroom and the entrance.

In the entrance, we discover a small blue rattan stool and a beautiful design coat rack in black.

In the master bedroom, two Tolomeo wall sconces were installed on each side of the bed. Transparent white curtains complete the white decor and wood enveloping the room. The cushions, the table, and the plants are the only decorative elements in this room.

The bathroom is in strong contrast with the rest of this living space. It has been entirely designed in blue and white. The wood is totally absent and the dominant blue.

But again, the owners of this apartment also enjoy a large balcony, a place of rest where the wood comes back again. Rustic wood plank walls and ceiling are in wood surround. The concrete coffee table has been matched to the gray floor. The style of the terrace is rustic with industrial touches.

The interior plan of the apartment

And here we are at our last destination: an apartment designed by Siddharth Kinjavdekar in the Maldives. This apartment with white and wood decor combines yellow and blue accents. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are open to each other and designed in the same style.

This interior is more joyful and less refined than the previous ones. But why? It’s the presence of yellow! The yellow color is bright and known with its energizing effect. Just as orange, it makes a more warm and cheerful atmosphere. Often associated with the sun, it blends perfectly with all the shades of blue, but also with the gray ones.

The kitchen has a marble island surrounded by stools with copper frames and cushions in pastel blue. The luminaire suspended above the island is also impressive with its sleek and modern design.

This interior is less refined than the previous ones. There are more decorative elements and colors. Plants are of course, here too, present. A modern interior without plants? Impossible! As you see in all 4 interiors presented here and in all the rooms the plants are always present.

The bedroom has been designed in a style different from the rest of the rooms. The only wooden elements present are the two bedside tables as well as the bed frame. The gray and white are dominant and the lights in blue impressive. The floor mat makes the room warmer. It is impossible not to appreciate the wall with 3D effect behind the headboard.

Gray, white, blue and wood: a perfect choice for the bedroom room-a-bedroom-interior-white-wood

Two abstract works of art decorate the walls. One is in black and white, the other in blue, black and white. There is also a small reading corner with a sofa in gray and a yellow light.

The other bedroom has been designed in the same style but in a different color palette. Blue is absent in its design, while brown, beige and yellow are introduced. Here too, there is a wall with a 3D effect behind the headboard.

In the bathroom, the same concept has been used: we are in neutral and light tones. Designing the bedroom and/or the bathroom in neutral tones is a frequent choice. Neutral and light tones are perfect when you want to install a relaxing atmosphere in a room.

The shower enclosure is made of concrete and marble. It is the same style and materials as the toilet. We like the fact that there are a makeup artist and a small stool in dark blue. It’s a perfect place to start the day in style.

The same materials were also used in the toilets: concrete and marble. These combined together harmonize perfectly. Concrete is associated with industrial design, while marble is noble and luxurious. The two get married really well together and are perfect for the bathroom because they are very water resistant.

White and wood decor or balance of elements

These 4 interiors prove that the white and wood decor adapts to all spaces and configurations. Painting or dressing the walls in white guarantees a more airy and bright space, while the wooden elements warm up. Choosing this type of decor for your space is also very simple and you will never regret it. If at any time you want to modify or improve your interior, there is nothing simpler than decorating a clean space with white walls or installing new furniture in bright, dark or light colors.


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