How to decorate a room painted in white color to make the most of such a space? What are the interior design styles that work well with such a mural?

The white bedroom color – chic ideas through more than 15 decorative styles to adopt

Contrary to what one might think, the white paint color offers a lot of different decoration possibilities both chic and modern. And if the common opinion is that the color white room is associated with banality and monotony, our decorating ideas will show you that this is not the case!

The color white room and the industrial style

One of the lesser known options for white-room color is getting inspiration from the industrial style. Instead of opting for a dark paint on the walls of the room, we will favor light tones, like white. This one is ideal to turn an exposed brick wall into an accent of industrial design!

Painting for bedroom in white and minimalist decor

Minimalist style deco is probably the best-known solution for creating a white painted space. The stylish bedrooms are really simple to decorate since they do not require any accessories or furniture beyond those of primary importance. Only downside of such a room: we must have enough storage space away from view!

Scandinavian deco ideas for color white room

You have a white room and you wonder what style of decor to adopt? We suggest Scandinavian design. Elegant, it favors natural and neutral tones, such as white, black and gray. To complete this range of shades, you will only need some light wood furniture!

Rustic decor for color white room

Otherwise, you could also experiment with the rustic decor style. If this idea tempts you, think of wooden accessories of rather dark color. The handmade pieces of furniture and wooden objects are almost inevitable in such a setting, so do not neglect them!

Decoration white room and wood with custom headboard

The natural hues of wood are among the most beautiful complements of a bedroom painted in white. To give more character to such a space, have fun customizing a wooden headboard. Use pallets, driftwood or an old wooden object, such as shutters or barn doors!

Color white room and glamorous chic decor

You may not know it, but the white room color is also an ideal background for a chic, glamorous interior. Complete the white color with touches of pastel shades, fake fur accessories and Baroque accents. It’s a simple way to get a chic and glam modern space at once!

Color for white room associated with shades of gray

The white and gray room seduces us with its refined atmosphere influenced by Nordic design. To create such a space, you only need a few textiles in light gray tones. The carpets, blankets, throws and bed cushions will be enough for you!

White and gray room with touches of pastel pink

To privilege a color of white paint in your room, it is to be able to have fun with the nuances of its objects of decoration afterwards. For example, the color white and gray room marries very naturally with all kinds of pastel shades. Think pink, mint green, turquoise blue, even purple.

White and beige decoration for modern bedroom

Like gray, beige is a neutral color that gives very good results when combined with white room paint. Enjoy it for your textiles and bedding or embellish the wall behind your bed!

Nature deco in a room with white paint color

Do you like nature deco and the relaxing atmosphere it evokes? So make it a dominant theme in your home! For this, you will need some braided accessories, such as baskets or suspensions of organic air.

Natural atmosphere for white room with green plants

Another effective way to create a natural bedroom is to use green plants. Install one or two pots of houseplants in one corner of your white room. Or save space by replacing the classic flower pots with suspensions made in macramé!

Seaside decoration for bedroom painting in white

As we have seen in one of our recent articles, the modern seaside decor also rests on the white color. The nautical theme is accentuated further with the help of various shades of blue. Tables and other marine accessories will also help you in this kind of projects.

White color and Mediterranean style bedroom decor

Similar to the nautical style, the Mediterranean decor draws inspiration from the seascapes but also from the culture of the Mediterranean countries. Greece, Italy, Spain and Morocco are all destinations where you can borrow decorating accessories.

White color room and oriental decoration

In the same spirit, it is quite possible to opt for an oriental decor, for example by borrowing ideas from Moroccan culture. To avoid overloading the space of bright colors, stick to one or two shades (blue, beige, black…).

The white room and the romantic style

White painting also rhymes with the romantic style! In a romantic bedroom, white often adopts a soft shade, close to pink or beige. And then, if you really like the romantic style, treat yourself to a four-poster bed. It is an essential piece of furniture for this type of interior!

White room color idea and metallic decorations

You’ve fallen for the metallic-tone decorations? This is not surprising! Take the opportunity to create a trendy and harmonious piece. Whether you have furniture in gold or copper tones or small accessories painted in these colors, you just have to expose them in your room to completely transform its atmosphere!

Finally, let’s not forget that the color of white paint is also suitable for children’s room decoration. And, precisely, you will find below two ideas for the youngest members of your family.

White room color deco ideas for little ones



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