The modern design wooden cabins are one of the great attractions in any space. Today we bring a good example that in addition to wood combines other natural materials such as rocks. Called SAJ III, this stunning beachfront vacation residence is embedded in a steep slope covered with greenery and overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Wooden cabins designed in cedar wood


Located on the west coast of Mexico in the city of San Juan de Alima, the house and pool are integrated into the site. In turn, this is covered with vegetation and descends towards the beach and the sea. The incredible pool is really the focal point and the best feature of the project. It was designed to appear as if it were a natural tide well that fills and empties as the tide flows.


So it seems very suitable for the location. Unlike other wooden cabins design and style, SAJ III emerges, conceptually, based on the relationships between the different natural details of the space. Inspired by the mutualism of which nature is capable of allowing coexistence and that there is life in a landscape dominated by nature.

As we mentioned before in its natural state the place is a rocky slope. With a great density of vegetation, there is a great dominion of endemic species. They just develop thanks to the low temperatures and mineral rocks throughout the hillside. This scenario immerses us in a very particular environment, obliging us without a doubt to look towards the sea.

What for CMD constituted the context that defined the first ideas of this project. At first, the design consisted of a raised roof of the ground as protection from the sun as a palapa and space on the rock to contain water. This changed due to the potential of the landscape. Taking that the roof of what should be the palapa was designed again.

Wooden cabins rock pool design

In this case as a cover that leaves from the elevation towards the ocean. On the other hand, the water would concentrate on the stone creating this beautiful pool similar to the puddles after the low tides. Thus the inclination of the place was thought with a flat cut roof that seeks to merge with the surroundings. In turn, it makes the interior space superior.

The interior opens to the outside completely letting air circulate and into natural light. The cedar finishes are responsible for accentuating the natural tone of the spaces. These natural conditions gave rise to a space that was not even foreseen. Especially for the terrace that becomes a true viewpoint towards the horizon.


Arrival at night is the perfect area to admire the stars. As we see in the photos, the house is completely integrated with the landscape. CDM has an experience of more than twenty years designing, building and setting homes in Latin America and the United States. They have established themselves as one of the most important residential architecture firms in Mexico and Latin America.

Its main goal is to get its customers to inhabit a space with which they can identify themselves. A place that projects your lifestyle and meets the requirements of an optimal quality of life. According to his words, we seek to create habitable experiences through spaces that evoke the spirit of those who inhabit it, making the home what all homes should be: the extension of oneself.



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