Why choose a black granite worktop for its kitchen? What are the characteristics of this type of stone and how can it contribute to the overall ambiance of our interior space?

These are the questions we asked ourselves to make this article, which is an extension of our recent publication on another kind of natural stone used for kitchen decor lately: marble.

Contemporary kitchen decoration with black granite worktop

The granite worktop is available in a wide variety of colors and in several finishes (polished, aged, textured …). Pierre often preferred by the owners of a kitchen with island (central, peninsula or other), it is also an extremely durable material that supports heat and scratches.

Modern kitchen and worktop in black granite


Its qualities of granite are further enhanced when the chosen stone is sealed so that a worktop in this type of material is able to last for a very long time.

White and black kitchen decor idea with granite worktop

The worktop in black granite or another color is also easy to maintain; its daily cleaning can be done with a little warm water or, in case of more stubborn stains, with a product specifically intended for this surface.

Modern kitchen model with black granite worktop

The black granite worktop is available in a version adapted to the shape of your kitchen furniture and your island: this type of stone is sold in pieces of the varied size that easily accommodate traditional and original kitchens.

L-shaped kitchen with black stone worktop

Despite all these advantages, the prices of this type of kitchen surface are quite accessible, especially if you are not looking for a stone with original coloring and if you have decided to bet on a black granite worktop or another fairly common color.

Photo of small kitchen area with bar and worktop in granite and white furniture

Like all neutral colored surfaces, the black granite countertop is very easy to combine with most popular colors for modern kitchen decor. Below, we examine some color ideas for the layout of such an interior space.

Kitchen with central island, white furniture, and black granite worktop


For starters, the black granite worktop is ideal for creating a black and white kitchen with modern or contemporary furniture in light tones.

Black and white kitchen with granite worktop and touches of tomato red

To vary the interior decoration of your meal preparation area, do not hesitate to add a few touches of brighter shades, like, for example, tomato red. These colors are simple to introduce with some furniture or decorative accessories placed on your walls or your open storage.

Open plan kitchen with white furniture and black worktop

Open kitchens are often decorated with neutral tones as this way they are more easily associated with a dining room or with a living room interior in more interesting tones.

How to add colors to a white and black kitchen

Kitchen decorating idea with black granite worktop and white furniture

In this kind of space, you can change decorations accents depending on the time of year, using vases of flowers and bowls of fruits and vegetables.

White and black kitchen decoration with thematic accessories for black stone worktop

Hanging lights of trendy kitchen decor with black granite bar

Even a few hanging lights in bright colors, placed in a strategic place in the room, are able to change the look of your kitchen black and white!

Central kitchen island in black granite and white marble decor

The black granite worktop is made of one type of stone and naturally combines with other organic surfaces, such as wood and marble. Below is an example of a trendy kitchen with center island and black worktop, separated from the dining area with a touch of white marble.

Color kitchen wall painting with worktop in wood and black granite

One of the simplest and most popular ways to add a touch of color to your kitchen space is the mural. If you have white furniture and a black granite countertop, you are free to experiment with a wide variety of wall colors to create the interior that best suits your personality!

Black and white kitchen decor with touches of wood and stone


It’s no secret that stone is a classic natural material that allows us to create an authentic but somewhat reserved atmosphere. To soften it and transform its kitchen in a more convivial space, we put on wood!

Wooden storage and kitchen counter in black granite

The latter can come in a variety of forms, starting with one or two floors or walls, through the furniture, to finish with open wooden storage that is so simple to make yourself!

Wooden kitchen countertop idea in black granite

The black and wood kitchen exists, of course, in a modern variation that involves the use of wooden facades combined with a black granite worktop.

Modern design kitchen with black granite countertop and wood furniture

The image above gives us a good illustration: here, the organic surfaces are accompanied by stainless steel keys introduced with a kitchen hood above the island.

Kitchen of rustic inspiration and decoration in black granite

The black granite worktop, combined with raw wood furniture, is also a great option for decorating a modern, rustic-inspired kitchen. In the picture above, these materials are complemented, in addition, by a marble surface.

Central island kitchen wood with decorative moldings and black stone countertop

And if you like eclectic decorations, you could try to decorate your kitchen with island by taking advantage of wooden surfaces with moldings. Slightly vintage, they will make your island a focal point of your interior!

Industrial wood and stone kitchen with pendant light for center island

Use these same materials to achieve an interior with natural decoration, which should be complemented with industrial design pendant lights and metal keys on the faucets and on the handles of your furniture.

Bar style kitchen and bar deco with black granite countertop and trendy blue lighting

The lighting can also help you in the design of a kitchen with black granite worktop and wooden furniture. Try LED fixtures in blue for a very modern effect that takes the deco in trendy bars.

Black and metal kitchen with stone worktop and modern design lighting

For an ultra modern look, opt for a kitchen with black granite worktop and furniture of this same neutral color, it is possible to accompany a few touches of metal decor.

Black and gray kitchen with granite worktop and wooden dining area

And if you like neutral tones, why not make the most of it, combining the granite kitchen worktop with black and gray furniture?

What credence for a kitchen with black stone worktop?

Finally, let’s say a few words about the kitchen credenza and accessory options of this type that goes well with a black granite countertop.

Marble credenza and dark granite kitchen bar

The kitchen splashback is usually purchased based on the color and material used for the worktop. These two types of surfaces are indeed considered complementary and, since they occupy a large part of the room, they must be harmonized for an optimal decoration result.

Black granite credenza and stone worktop

Of course, the easiest way to proceed in this respect would be to opt for a kitchen credenza made of the same material used for the production of the worktop. In other words, the work plan would combine perfectly with an identical credence.

Credenza with tiled floor and granite kitchen worktop

Otherwise, you have two other very elegant options that will give both successful results: the first would be to bet on a credence in neutral tones, such as white or gray. The second would be to make your kitchen backsplash a decorative accent by opting for an interesting and daring color that contrasts with the rest of your decor. Below, two examples of pieces that illustrate these two decorating ideas:

Gray subway tiling and worktop kitchen granite and black marble

Blue wall credenza and dark granite kitchen worktop


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