Google Penalty Removal For Website

Almost anyone can put up content on google nowadays; make sure that you know about Google’s terms and policies before you put any content on your website because these kinds of problems might have some policy that google wants you to know about and if you violate that then you will have a penalty on your website.

Google has rules that you need to follow. If you break any of the rules made by Google, you will have to face a penalty. If any action on your website is against what google believes, they will put a penalty on your website, leading to problems as you will not get as many search results as normal.

Google Patently Removal For Website

Types Of Google Penalties

Google has two types of penalties that it gives people.
One is algorithmic penalties, and the other is manual actions.

Algorithmic penalties

You might hear about things like websites that have been hit by animals called pandas, hummingbirds, penguins, or payday. This happens when Google updates its core algorithm updates.

Sites hit by pandas are usually websites with low-quality content that is of no use, and this content might be duplicate.
All these websites that create link schemes and add keywords to create a unique difference are hit by penguins.

Google releases algorithm updates quite often, and they do this because there is something in the SEO that they do not like, and they change it through some update. All these updates ensure that everyone who puts content on google is putting out good content. So anytime that there is an update, you need to meet the standards that Google has set out for you.

Manual actions

These actions are done by a person who works at google. They do this because they find that your website does not meet the webmaster guidelines set by Google. You get a manual penalty for things like

  • Data issues
  • User-generated spam
  • Unnatural links in your website
  • Bad content with no added value
  • Cloaking redirects

These penalties usually appear when you show some deceptive behavior, and removing these penalties is much harder than removing algorithmic penalties.

How Do You Know If Your Website Has A Google Penalty?

If there is a manual action against your website, there will be a message report in your google search console that lets you know about the penalty.

If there is an algorithmic penalty, you will not know about the damage until you see it.
The signs that you will notice are

  • Lower traffic
  • Drop-in rankings
  • Deindexation

Drop-in rankings

If you search for a certain page of yours and it is even further away from the first page that it used to be, then that is a sign that something is wrong with your web page, and there could be a penalty on it. So it is best if you keep checking your keywords because you can come to know if there is a penalty harming your website. You can also sign up for services like monitor backlinks; these services help track any keywords.

What to do till the penalty is removed?

You have to try your best to mitigate the damage that has occurred to your website. Try and use other social media channels to get people on your website until the penalty is removed. If you can reach your audience through some offline means, then that would be good too.

Drop-in traffic

If you see a drop in the traffic you usually get, this can signify something is wrong, and most likely, you have a penalty. If you sell products on your websites and the sales are very low, that could be a sign that there is a penalty on your website. If you have a newsletter or subscription, you can use that to generate traffic until you can remove the penalty on your website. You could try and use a different search engine like bing too.


You might search for your website on a particular day, and you might not even find it. This means that Google has removed your website completely. Sometimes Google might remove some things from your website while keeping other things intact. You will have to use other channels to get any traffic, and if you have newsletters, then try and use that too until you can remove the penalty.

How To Get The Penalty Removed?

There are four things that you can do to remove the penalty.

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