Payment After Rank Strategy

Payment After Rank” is an offer by VotoPin, which is not offered anyplace else in the SEO industry. It has proved to be a transparent billing for Search Engine Optimization.

Payment After Rank Strategy


Google search results show the first ten results on the very first page.
The top ten positions are additionally divided into the following phases:








You’ll be billed only if you are in the top ten positions for search results for the relevant keyword.


The eligibility for this offer depends upon the Website’s quality. Multiple factors affect the quality; this includes the content on the web page, the source code algorithms, and the web page structure. There will be a free audit of the Website to decide the Website’s eligibility for this offer.

Even when you fail to pass the eligibility norms, you can still avail the Payment after a rank offer by putting in Refundable deposit at the time of signing a contract. This deposit would serve as a cushion for us to correct all the errors in your Website and improve the quality. If the contract is terminated before the expiry date, then the deposit amount will not be refunded; if not, the security amount will be refunded at the end of the contract term.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

We understand that there are many malpractices in the SEO industry; hence, you pay only the results in Payment after rank. Also, the following is included in the contract:

It is guaranteed that the Website will not be kept into Google Blacklist. And in case that happens, the ban will be removed with responsibility.

Any Deposits Made will be refunded if it has failed to meet the guarantees specified in the contract.
You will be given a link and access to real-time reports to view the positions in the search results ranking every day.
No, there are no hidden charges. No extra charge will be taken from you in Payment After Rank. You will only be charged for the results.
It is strongly recommended that you make a one-year contract for Search Engine Optimization.
It is guaranteed that we will enhance the rankings to the 1st page of Google for 15% of the selected keywords in 90 days, 80% to 90% within one year, and 50% within 180 days.
That's usually the case with people who do not seem to get rankings for the Website despite hiring a company to do SEO for them; it is made sure that no violations are used in promoting the Website, and no SPAM, etc. Hence, we guarantee that the Website will not be banned while doing SEO.
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