Post-COVID Marketing Statistics (& How to Act on Them)

Post-COVID Marketing Statistics

Statistics keep fluctuating, and there is a rapid shift in the growth rates and the drop rates. Being in the middle of 2024, it is time to know about the stuck changes and what we can do to uplift such changes.

Not to worry, as we have gathered some of the latest marketing statistics of this year that can help you decide and plan safely after landing safely. You will be made familiar with the post-pandemic marketing statistics of 2024. Also, we would explain how to plan if you are a marketer or advertiser. Also, what actions or specifications can you take to stay along with the following statistics to compete.

The following marketing strategies will help you to decide the market-

  1. People are spending more than eight hours on social media –

    This is the average time, and it has increased from seven minutes last year. The traditional advertising is not included in this like TV, radio, magazines and the newspapers, which has decreased by 5.5 hours.

    What does this mean?

    If you desire to be in the competition and in the head of the potential online customers, then this is not enough. It would be best if you were consistent on the other online platforms as well.

    How to act on this-

    • Design a professional website with forms and also take the help of SEO to attract organic and relevant traffic.
    • Be consistent in posting your vlogs related to the business s that you can increase visibility.
    • Once you are in the line, start by investing in the paid advertisement and advertisement, social ads, and display ads.
    • If you want to occupy a wide range of audiences, then consider guest posting.
    • You can start with google my business to get a complete setup and accurate online listing.
  2. Digital advertising deceit will cause $ 15.9 billion losses to US advertisers by 2024

    Digital ad fraud has increased up to 15% from last year, and this is the fourth fold that has shown a rise from 2011.

    What does this imply?

    The advancement in technology has caused hackers to become more tech-savvy than the previous year, and they are learning fraudulent activities. The published ad inventory is becoming less valuable, and the advertisers are losing interest money and bearing losses from the non-human traffic.

    How to avoid it?

    • Keep a check on the google display network and campaigns, and if you find any fraud, you need to eliminate it.
    • You can adjust your ad targeting by eliminating invalid clicks.
    • There are ad prevention tools such as Ad Pushups, FraudScore, adjust, etc., where you can avoid market loss.
  3. Digital ad expenditure will reach $389 billion in 2024

    In 2020, the digital ad grew only 2.4%. However, in 2024 it has shown an increase to 17%.

    This indicates –
    As a marketer, you need to invest a bit of extra money in staying in the competition, and you must make sure that you are making extra dollars.

    What to do?

    • To avoid wastage and reach your organic audience most of the time, you should make sure that you are using ad scheduling.
    • Don’t optimize for the wrong objectives and also avoid the budget-wastage of Facebook ads.
    • Make sure you are offering the best and the low-budget add tests.
    • Use our free Grader Performance Grader to identify opportunities for excellence and unlock your application.
  4. China will have the highest booming commercial sales in 2024, as compared to the united states and Europe, and other countries

  5. Many of the Chinese sales analysts pay for the personalized search in their online stores. This method is more relevant to the use of mobile phones, and they are creating a whole new revenue-generation system for the eCommerce platform to boom up.

    What can be done?

    China leads in the booming eCommerce growth, but it also has booming percentages in logistics, mobile penetration, ecosystems, and online shopping. They are focusing more on creating eco-friendly trends, which will give them a boom in the upcoming years.

    1. 24% growth will be seen in the US mechanical display ad in the year 2024
      Back in the year, there was only 10% of the growth in the world of mechanical display, but it is back in the market this year.

    What to do?

    • In 2024, programmatic advertising is one of the major trends. The main focus is on the 5G connection that will support intensive data video ads. You will get to see the virtual reality ads and the 360 panoramas.
    • Some companies allow trying private marketplace deals with access to the premium proprietor ad in a mechanical way.
    • Automated programmatic is in the trend, so consider investing in such dynamics and copy alternative campaigns.
  6. Leads generated played a major role in the success of the market channels in the 2020

    Marketers believe that the success of the marketing channels was in 2020 due to the number of sales generated.

    This means that generation of quality leads is the first step to increasing sales, ROAS, conversion sales. But the thing to consider is that the forms collect the data of the first party.

    What can be done?

    • Try to get free leads for your content by prioritizing the content creation. A site requires you to show your data first on the google page, and it is advised that you should consider quality on the first page.
    • Attract people by using the live chat box to help you capture leads, even during off-hours.
    • You can try the tool 24 free magnets to keep up the good lead.
  7. The US grew its sakes by 20% in 2020

    People have increased their growth by online shopping and more over this pandemic, and the whole lockdown situation has caused them to accelerate their growth online through eCommerce. You need to make sure that you are staying competitive in eCommerce marketing.

    What can be done?

    • Research on the strategies to grow your sales for PPC e-commerce ads on amazon, google, etc.
    • To drive the ROI, learn how to optimize the google shopping feed.
    • Learn how to get started on social settings and customize your Facebook feeds with products ads with the help of certain tools. Then eventually expand your growth on other social media platforms like Instagram.


The post-pandemic marketing statistics have a lot of things ongoing daily. This was a short update about the statistics, which are the latest. The statistics are based on annual planning. As the world recovers from the covid, many demands need to be fulfilled . These statistics will help you decide the future as a marketer and know the market in the long run.

Let not this pandemic impact on us and we can achieve all the above strategies to stand firm in the market, by investing the real money and the efforts smartly and by knowing the market.

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