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Reputation Management For Companies

It is the process of managing and monitoring your company’s online presence.
This means that the perception of your business will showcase the positive and allows you
to stand out from the crowd and gain new customers.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is an effort to influence a company’s online presence positively. What people think of your brand, what consumers think of your products, online reviews, complaints, etc are key focuses of Reputation Management? Reputation means what people think about you or your brand and these days online Reputation is much more powerful than personal client experience. Potential clients will trust Goggle reviews over a hearsay recommendation.

Reputation Management is also popularly known as Internet Reputation Management, Online Reputation Management, and Brand Reputation Management. The names may vary but the end goal is to shape the online image of a person or brand for the better.

This blog post will answer the most basic questions you as a consumer might have about Reputation Management services.

Reputation Management For Companies

Why Your Business Needs Online
Reputation Management?

In a world where everything is online, business owners can no longer afford to ignore what is being said about them online.
Business owners can spend years developing a strong reputable brand, but having a poor online reputation,
or having negative stories appear, has the potential to ruin all that hard work.

Generate Positive Reviews

Attract High-Performing Employees

Appeal to High-Intent Prospects

Boost Your SEO Efforts

Boost Your SEO Efforts

Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

Improve Your Bottom Line

Online Reputation Management Services

The Online Reputation Management Services include:

White Label Reputation Management

We provide the best White Label Reputation Management, to outperform your competition and to get a good reputation among your customers.

Online Reputation Repair

We repair any ill name given to the company and make it positive.

Reputation Management Software

In House softwares to get you the perfect reputation you desire.

Review Response

Accurate and automated review response.

Review Generation

Automated and catchy review generation for your products and services.

Review Monitoring

We also monitor your review and weed out any negative or illicit reviews from your online reputation.

Get Flexible, Tailor-Made Online Reputation Management Solutions from VotoPin

What Are The Aspects Of Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is a process. It is more than what is described in the above definition.
Here are seven key aspects of Reputation Management that aptly encompass
all the major factors involved in Reputation Management.

1. Online

Reputation Management happens online. We cannot change a person’s thinking. What we can do is influence them. A bad review or comment online can easily harm your business. With Reputation management, you need not worry about such negative reviews or their effects. Online communication is the fastest way to spread the word. So the target isn’t individual customers instead search portals such as Google, Bing, Yahoo are targeted. You polish your reputation there and all is good.

2. Reputation

Affects sales and marketing If you have a bad reputation you best believe it is harming your business in some way or another. It is almost impossible to sell products of your brand if your clientele does not trust your brand. With an effective Reputation Management plan, you can clear the way for positive reviews, comments, and feedback to gain the maximum effect. A good reputation means a better conversion rate.

3. Reputation is important for both individuals and businesses

You must all be well aware of a certain celebrity with the name Elon Musk and his company Tesla. A couple of years ago Elon Musk decided to smoke marijuana at a talk show, the aftermath of which was the downfall of Tesla’s stock prices by 50%. So you see it is not only the company image that affects the sales it is also the image of those working in it. Individual Reputation Management is also important along with the company.

4. Reputation is essential for business survival

For a company to survive its reputation must be top-notch. There are abundant examples that will be a testament to this fact. For example, back in 2017 an officer of United Airlines forcibly removed a passenger following this incident United Airlines had to face a massive backlash which also cost them more than a billion dollars. Although United Airlines is still up and flying it can never remove the negative impact the incident had on the company image. The only reason the company survived was due to its vastness, smaller companies would be ruined.

What Are The Services Provided Under Reputation Management Plans?

So let’s say that you have decided upon hiring professionals to do Reputation Management for your Company,
what exactly will be the services provided by the professionals. Well, let’s take a look.

1. Remove negative links

A company’s reputation is gravely affected by negative comments, links, pictures, videos, ratings, reviews, complaints, personal comments, etc. Professionals will remove such negatively impacting content from your company’s website and other such portals. Apart from this, you can based on your needs and budget ask for specific services such as:

  • Removal of negative content, links, etc from the 1st page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Such links will be pushed beyond the 2nd page since 90% of the visitors only check the 1st search engine result.
  • Permanent removals of negative content from social media sites, blogs, search engines, and third-party websites. The online word is taken very seriously so if your internet reputation isn’t positive you best believe it is him during your companies profits and image.
  • It is important to see that based on the services you choose the price point will differ. For example, if you wish to remove negative links from Google searches the prices will differ from what they will be when removing negative links from a third-party website. Third-party websites are a bit harder to crack as compared to search engines.

2. Online review management

Almost 90% of consumers research and trust online reviews as much as they would a friend’s recommendation. So now you know that your company’s online reputation has a high impact on your client numbers. One bad review is enough to wreck your business perception.

However, indeed, you cannot make everyone happy so what most reputation management companies do is: remove negative views, increase grades and star ratings, and increase the positive feedback to mitigate the negative feedback. This way your company image is not defined by a single negative comment. The services provided by the company are:

  • Online review monitoring.
  • Inviting reviewers to the right sites. Current or past customers who have had positive experiences are invited to review the company.
  • Audit existing reviews and filter negative reviews.
  • Identifying and removing spam negative reviewers.
  • Feedbacks from negative reviewers.
  • Aggregating potential reviewers and clients in one place.

3. Removing negative Google searches

Has this ever happened to you: you type in your company’s as or something related to your company and a whole bunch of weird, negative autocompletes pop in the search suggestions. Such negative auto-suggestions have an adverse effect on your company’s reputation and credibility. Reputation Management companies remove such autocomplete from search engines, this will eventually stop the potential client’s from going onto negative links and redirects.

Apart from removing the negative auto-completes, the company can also add positive suggestions to your brand name/company name in the search engine, which will further increase your brand’s credibility.

In summary

Based on your budget and needs the services provided by Reputation Management companies will differ. If you wish to focus on certain feedback, comment, picture, or any such content that is particularly harming your online presence, online reputation management companies can help rectify the situation. Hope this article has helped solve all your doubts and queries.

The Importance Of Reputation Management

The Importance Of Reputation Management
Reputation Management offers you an opportunity to counter back the negative feedback. If you stay oblivious to your online presence for long chances are you will have to face the consequences in the future. Growing a business is not only about sales it is also about growing your reputation the more people trust and like your brand the higher sales you will accomplish. In the long run, reputation is what keeps a company up and running.

An effective reputation strategy can also help you open to newer markets and increase brand awareness. The world now functions mostly through the internet. One wrong word on the net can crash your price value by a significant number which is why polishing your online presence is very important.


Reputation management gives you an opportunity to counter regrettable input. It's anything but a chance to advance the experience of your positive mentions. A successful online reputation management strategy can give you new freedoms and understanding on expanding brand mindfulness.
Yes we provide a personal manager who would manage your reputation.
Because we are the best in managing and enhancing your online reputation.
Yes, a negative image can destroy a brand in seconds in today;s online world. SO you should hire a reputation management company to handle this.

Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

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