SEO Audit For Website

SEO audits runs through a fast audit of your website, checking for proper tags and surfacing any errors that might come up. VotoPin would assist you to get your prefect and fair recommendations for points you can take to improve your digital authority and to rank better in google searches.

SEO Audit Services For Website

SEO audit analyzes the keywords used in the website; it is very important to know what we say to the search engines. Therefore, we discuss analyzing the SEO carried out to create the site more attractive to the search engines for SEO audit. In addition, the SEO audit process will allow you to identify the website’s problems to focus on the areas that need the most attention.

SEO Audit For Website

Get Complete SEO Audit Service

We provide you with a holistic and complete SEO Audit Service, which would help you in understanding the aspects that are slowing your sites and making it rank low. We would help you to improve on that and get:
Higher Ranking

Higher Ranking

Eliminating errors can improve the ranking of your website on the leading search engines.

Improve Performance

Determine current weakness, and fulfill the areas where your website is lacking behind.

Improve Speed

Implementing SEO guidelines on your website, can improve loading speed of the website.

Our SEO Audit Services

Making your site rank in Google is difficult and more competitive in present times.
There are many factors such as performance, on page content, social factors and backlink
profile that search engines like Google use to determine which sites should rank highest.

Architecture Audit

Architecture Audit

The objective of an architecture audit is to look for weaknesses in the design, in the choice of protocols used or non-compliance with recommended practices in terms of security.

Competitor Research Audit

Competitor Research Audit

Helps you track where your competitors are and what makes them more visible online. The goal is to discover what is working for other people in your industry, so that you can make those strategies work for you, too, to gain a competitive advantage.

Technical Website Audit

A technical SEO audit is a process during which you check the technical aspects of your website's SEO

On-Page Optimization Audit

On-Page Optimization Audit

On-page SEO deals with optimization analysis of the site elements contained directly inside the pages: headlines, tags, URLs, usability, etc.

Site Speed Audit

Tool to test and monitor your page's performance

Onsite Content Quality Audit

A content audit involves taking a look at all the content on your website and assessing its relative strengths and weaknesses in order to prioritize your future marketing activities.

Off-Page Optimization Audit

Off-Page Optimization Audit

Refers all the SEO taking place externally (but relating) to your site which help search engines to determine the level of trust, value and authorship of your site.

Image and Video Optimization

Image & Video Manager intelligently optimizes both images and videos with the combination of quality, format, and size that is best suited for every device

User Experience Audit

User Experience Audit

A user experience audit is the process used to identify potential usability issues based on established heuristics and/or prior user research.

Meet the Most Comprehensive SEO Audit Service on the Market

SEO Audit Process

Check that only a version of your site is browseable:

It is common for a website to have a few different versions. For example, has the US version, UK version, and so on. In addition, there are often different versions for different countries or regions. For example, if you check the UK version of, you will see that it is different from the US version of The UK version is a different domain and a different version of the same website.

Start a website crawl:

In the SEO world, the crawl is an algorithmically-based process for identifying websites that are most likely to contain the content you’re seeking. Website crawls are a great way to find out what keywords are used to describe a website, especially if the website is relatively new like yours. In addition, a web crawl is a way to check the integrity of a website. The crawl will return all the pages on a website that have matched the keywords you have chosen. The crawls are very useful if you want to increase your rankings on search engines.

Check Google for indexation issues:

Google looks for indexed websites in all the major search engines. That way, if someone searches for a particular keyword, they will find your website. But, unfortunately, Google also looks for websites that are not indexed in all the major search engine. That means that your website may not show up when someone searches for a certain keyword or phrase.

Check that your grade for your brand name:

If you are a business, you want to rank for you or your company’s name. If you are a consumer, you may require a rank for your name. The thing is, like any brand out there, you have many competitors, and it’s hard to tell who is ranking for what, especially on a small scale. However, a simple SEO audit helps you check your rank for your brand name on the main search engines and social media sites.

Check for duplicate and thin content:

After a thorough check of your site, about 40% of your pages have duplicate content, which means the same information is duplicated across multiple pages. It is a common problem that can be fixed with some simple work and is critical for search engine rankings. For example, an SEO audit on a website came across duplicate and thin content, leading to poor rankings.

Dig deeper into further on-page issues in the crawl report:

Page speed is one of Google’s most underrated factors to rank a site. The crawl time points out several on-page issues, such as how quickly a page renders, jumps, and loads. Several pages that are not optimized for mobile devices have a very slow crawl time. Even a little delay in rendering usually delays the page enough to lose rankings. It is a good opportunity to optimize your site for mobile and ensure your page load time is always lightning fast.

Check that your site loads Fast:

It’s no secret that website loading speed is important to the visitor and you as the website owner. It’s also no secret that you can use Google to check your website’s load time. A website’s charging speed is one of the most major factors that attract visitors to physical stores and online shops.
Google ranks sites based on how fast their content loads. It means that your page is important for visitors and Google, and all of your competitors. It is crucial to make a website fast because the faster it loads, the more likely people will come back and spend their money.

Analyze organic search traffic:

Organic search traffic is a term used to describe the number of clicks on a website from people searching on Google and other search engines. As you know, organic search traffic is vital to the Web’s success. It provides a wealth of information on what people are searching for and how they search for it.
The more valuable this information is, the greater the search results will be for your site. Organic-search Traffic is the only type of search traffic that organic companies have to fend off to succeed. Therefore, every company should be analyzing their organic search traffic and doing regular SEO audits to ensure they’re on top of their game.

Check for structured data errors:

There are two types of errors with structured data on a website: structural errors and schema errors. Structural errors occur when the schema of your website’s data structure is incorrect. These errors are common but easy to fix and often occur when schema changes are made before a website is published.
Schema errors are database errors that occur when the data in your website’s database does not match what it should be. Again, these errors can be difficult to fix and are often impossible to fix without a database backup and restoration.

Analyze your backlink profile:

To stress the importance of a good backlink profile, SEO experts often recommend that you analyze your backlink profile. The idea is that a good backlink profile will help you rank well for many different keywords. However, your backlink profile does not explain why you rank well for a specific keyword in actuality. Instead, it shows how many links you have and how good they are. It is the latter that is important.

Why Choose VotoPin as SEO Audit Service Provider

Because we are the best in class and provide you with a genuine and clean audit for your website and also provide you with best possible options to take your site to a next level.

Though our SEO Audit Service is customised based on your industry, here are some of the major aspects we cover while doing SEO Audit:
SEO Audit For Website

FAQ's on SEO Audit Services

An organic site audit is useful in identifying issues that may be preventing your website from gaining visibility in the organic search results of search engines such as Google.
You should have an audit every twelve to eighteen months.
The website audie consists of a review of technical compliance, on-page items, and high level content analysis. Also includes some competitive intelligence, link intelligence and additional off-page analysis.
Depends on the size but usually takes 2-3 weeks.

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