5 Link Building Strategies From A Technical SEO Expert

5 Link Building Strategies From A Technical SEO Expert

Daily 1000s of websites are made on the Internet (Google or any other search engine), and with this massive growth, spur raises the need for Search Engine Optimization. However, recent businesses, companies that have recently started and are new to the field fail to understand the importance and take advantage of SEO benefits. One should be aware of many things before diving into SEO, one of which is to understand the need for accuracy in link building; this will help keep the Google penguin afar.

Link building is an art, and for those looking into SEO, learning this art is a must. There are numerous websites on various explorers, and to make sure that your website has the highest ranking in the search engine, you need to pay attention to link building. This article brings to you a few unique ways to build effective links in the future.

There are various approaches and tactics one can refer to when building links, but most SEOs fail to explore these approaches and stick to the 3 to 5 common and most-used methods. For example, perceptive commenting, indulging sites, creating various infographics, creating and writing guest posts, and few other common methods.

There are various reasons why many companies are still unaware of other link-building strategies, and those companies who know these other methods think that using other methods to promote their links will get them penalized by Google. However, this is false thinking. Building the authority for a business website is a quick and simple project if legitimate and result-yielding strategies are applied for the link building purpose.

Top Link Building Strategies

  1. Quality Content

    In 1996 Bill Gates said, “Content is King” . Well, he couldn’t be more correct. Till today quality content is the key, and its importance cannot be overlooked. But did you know that you can use content to build links and the process, too, is quite simple? All a company needs to do is promote its content. That is it; the content itself will create links.

    For example, a certain company has this key content topic that they always focus on; they can convert this topic into various creative and useful content. This content will, later on, generate a high amount of traffic. If the content manages to stay high up in the search ranking, this will greatly benefit the company.

  2. Earn Backlinks via Visual Content

    As mentioned in the previous point, creating quality content to generate links is a great way to get about things. Writing blogs and articles is an effective method; however, visuals are what generate the highest traffic. The most common example of such visual content creation is YouTube, the most popular visual marketing site. The world is all about visuals, and so business owners can use this to their benefit to generate backlinks for their site.

    Business owners can create visual content related to their area of expertise and present it to the world. This kind of marketing will not only result in creating new leads for the business but will also provide backlinks for the website.

    If you were to look at the older methods of link building, such as Directory Submissions in 2018, were a massive hit in generating credible links; however, this trick will come of little to no help in the present time. However, this does not mean that the older tricks are no longer effective; some evergreen tricks will be effective even in the future. For instance, guest posting and performing outreach are two examples of evergreen link-building strategies. It all depends on choosing the right technique.

    Social bookmarking, a technique that is now considered outdated and ineffective, was an acceptable choice in the near past but is of no use today. However, taking note of current times, we can say that visual content technique will be the centerpiece of future SEO link building, so you are advised to take its full benefits.

    Do note that link building is not a one-day work. It takes a good amount of time and effort to generate the desired results. A bonus tip would be to indulge in white-hat link-building techniques and chalk out an effective outreach strategy.

  3. Guest Posting

    What is guest posting? Well, Guest posting is the practice of writing or creating content for another companies’ website. Guest bloggers write for similar websites or pages within their expertise to attract traffic back to their site. Guest posting helps in generating links through high-quality sites giving a boost to their search engine ranking. Take, for example, a travel company; now, there are two things this company can do to generate backlinks.

    First, approach a blogger to blog about their company on their page in return, for which they pay the blogger for the link for the target page. The blogger has the freedom to write a blog of his choice as long as it is under a certain niche and is of quality.

    Sometimes the bloggers may not have the time to write the blog, or the company might want to write the content themselves. In such a situation, the company presents the blogger and sees if the person in question is interested in posting the content. If the blogger is aware of SEO and is aware of its importance, the company might have to pay the blogger.

    This is all similar to influencer marketing which is done mostly on social media. Companies pay influencers to promote their stuff on social media platforms to generate business on their sites.

  4. Use Google alerts

    On the internet, you will find numerous link-building sites and apps, but the most trusted site is Google alerts. Google alerts are a highly effective and also highly underestimated tool at your disposal to build powerful links. When a random person mentions your company name or website over the internet, the company would like them to link them back.

    Google alerts keep track of all those places where your company name has been mentioned; this way, you can reach out to the company in question and ask them to add a link if they haven’t already done so.

    Step 1: Set up the Google alerts

    Once you have set up Google alerts, you can monitor and look out for those who haven’t created backlinks.

    Step 2: Reclaim links for a brand mention

    Since your brand name has been used or mentioned, you can ask the company in question to link back. First, check if the company has added a backlink. If not, the best way to do the asking is by dropping a friendly email.

  5. Select user intent keyword

    If the goal is to create quality backlinks, the first step should be to develop keywords. A successful keyword is that which can attract and hook the readers. To create or search for such a keyword, you need to look through Google for the evergreen keywords surrounding your topic/niche. Popular keywords are always prioritized in search rankings, so if you wish to increase your search engine ranking, make sure to look for great keywords.

In conclusion

SEO is crucial for websites in today’s time. If you wish to be noticed, you need to conquer the craft of SEO. Building powerful and effective backlinks may take time and a bit of effort, but if you wish to strengthen your website and increase its popularity, it is important to create high-quality backlinks. These five tips will help you get started with your SEO project of backlink building.

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