How To Ask For Reviews

How To Ask For Reviews

Reviews, what is a review? An opinion, A suggestion, someone sharing their experience, yes all of the above, a review is a form of feedback necessary to complete the channel of communication; it tells the provider about how the service provided was perceived by the receiver and what all necessary adjustments can be made to make the experience any better. Today’s review is the consumer’s way of expressing how they feel about a certain product or service; this lets them voice their opinions.

It also informs others about the experience, making them more cautious before using the said product or service. This system has effectively helped businesses be better and forced them to provide higher standards in their products and services. Not only that, it tied up consumers all around the world looking to buy similar products, creating a community of people online who can share and learn from each other’s experiences. The review system has been crucial in improving the marketplace, giving consumers more power on an open platform.

The article starts with the use and evolution of the review system and how it has influenced the current market that we see today. Then we detail the importance of reviews for a business, look at different ways businesses take reviews from their customers and understand how to take proper reviews. Finally, we shall discuss what to keep in mind while conducting a review for a smooth experience for all the parties involved. All the above points shall give the readers some clarity about how reviews come into play.

To end the article, the writer talks about certain ill practices being conducted nowadays and how the purpose of the system is defeated thanks to such actions taken by some businesses and customers.

Reviews have become essential for business survival, the customers today heavily focus on other customer reviews before making a purchase consideration, bad reviews about the product or service can severely impact its sales and ruin the name and goodwill of the business as well, it is become important for business owners to take the reviews seriously, work on them and aim at providing a better quality of products and services to the consumers.

Benefits of REVIEWS

  • Reviews help a business to have a better outreach, customers from all around the world can use the product and express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction about the product, good reviews help attract new customers to the products or services, it not only promotes the product for free through the loyal, happy customers, but it also assures new customers that the product is of high quality, delivers satisfaction and is worth their money. This has been a very effective form of marketing for many brands.
  • When it comes to online selling, there are many competitive online platforms today that cater to millions of people daily; products have to compete over their place on such websites or platforms. Such platforms only keep the products with higher customer retention and decent margins, and customer attraction rates.

    Thus good reviews about a certain product can increase its shelf life on such platforms, thus helping with product exposure and sales.

  • In today’s internet age, where everything is looked for on Google or Safari, businesses need to be mentioned in relevant search results. When such internet searches, having good reviews about the product or service amplifies the search presence on such search engines, increasing the probability of customers choosing to pick your products or service based on the search results.

    This helps businesses get new customers, also people who travel and more. This also increases the business’s online presence without shelling out extra money, which helps businesses grow cost-efficiently.

The above mentioned are some benefits that reviews bring for the business. It constantly makes sure that a business is up to the code and standard, which might be a bit of a hassle for the owners; it helps the owners gain popularity and public trust and support. Let us see how a business does it.

Over the years, businesses have developed creative ways of taking reviews from the customers to incentivizing them for their reviews by giving them points or ratings to review. However, every industry has developed its ways of reviewing its products and services, though many have remained constant throughout many industries. Likewise, the methods of reviewing products have changed and developed over time, and there is yet to see how we go about with our reviewing in the future.

Methods for REVIEWS

  • The usual methods to review is with email and questionnaires, where the customers who have experienced the product or service can talk about it, express their opinion about the product, give suggestions, and more, this is a cost-effective way of getting to know what people think about the products, and it helps reach a larger audience very quickly.

    Another very common method has been the comment section given on various platforms; these sections allow people to post their comments; after using the products, it is convenient for both the customer and the business. This also includes personal interactions, taped interviews, and more.

  • Various unorthodox ways of reviews involving one-on-one interaction like free sampling [store like Walmart and Target have the layouts designed in ways where brands can appoint people who would distribute free samples to the customers, to understand preferences and taste of consumers. This has also been applied in many sports shops as well as perfumes and skin care].

    Such practices help recognize the brand, express their views on it, and give a hands-on response. Such practices also include free giveaways to the customers for reviewing.

  • Though the latest kind of review system bought on with the internet age is the influencer reviews. Many influencers, either paid or independent, review various products that happened to be their spectrum of understanding and expertise. Many brands have started sending free samples to such reviewers beforehand, for them to experience the product and share it with the people through the internet [channels like MKBHD or TESS CHRISTINE review products sent to them by companies], this not only gives them free advertising but shout outs and also influences a lot of purchase decisions.

Reviewing products and services has become a very proactive job nowadays, and this practice has helped both the companies and the customers. Though it is a challenge to ensure that the review-taking process becomes a burden for the customer, the entire product experience cannot be disrupted due to a bad review experience.

Therefore, to ensure that the customer has a smooth reviewing experience, brands and businesses take the extra step [Barbeque Nation has a very comprehensive form of one-word reviews which is done on a tablet, hence integrating technology to the process to avoid writing, thus ensuring an easy review experience], this shows the customers the consideration and effort the business is showing to get their opinion, this not only encourages the customers to review but put good reviews.

Things to keep in mind while conducting a REVIEW

  • The review should be short and on point. An unnecessary long review demotivates the customer from filling it properly and increases unimportant information, which is often not required. The reviewer should consider the customer and their time and ensure that it isn’t wasted or stretched too long.
  • The review should be clear and precise on what kind of information it is looking to get out from the customers. Understanding your goals and targets from the review will help design it better, targeting the needed information only. In this way, it is easier for both the customer and the reviewer to take valuable feedback from the process.
  • While reviewing, be open to middle options and not just stick to the layout. At times customers have a lot, and having an open channel of communication will encourage the customer. Be more open to listening to what the customer has to say and focus less on what you have to offer.
  • Personalizing the reviews goes a long way; if reviews are personalized to customers, this motivates them to see the effort involved in the process. It also increases the chances of a better review and a precise review of the product.


Keeping in mind the above-mentioned things can simplify and make the review-taking process much more desirable and convenient. Unfortunately, however, there have been some disruptions in the system, which has caused some regulatory issues.

Over the years, many malpractices such as fake reviews, paid reviews, and more have taken over. However, this has caused a certain distrust amongst the consumers concerning what is said about the products and services out there; there is no denying that this review system has played a huge role in helping consumers make a better purchase decision, making them better informed and more educated.

Reviews have helped all the parties involved in a marketplace, and it has put a leash on ill producer practices. It has restored balance in the marketplace and has constantly helped customers to voice their concerns. Reviews today indeed play a crucial role in how well a business will do.

This has leveled out the playing field for many small players with excellent products and services who lack the reach and resources. It has tied up the marketplace better by exposing the products and services and constantly striving for them to be better.

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